b'THE COUNCILThe Presidents InterviewLeader for the Colleges Centennial yearAs the 2020 College President in our Centennial year and a Japanese Fellow, Dr. Akira Senda holds a unique and historical position in the leadership of the College. In the interview, we learn of his vision for the College and the great pride in hosting the Centennial finale in his home town of Nagoya. Below are a few notable quotes. For the full interview CLICK HERE. werenotallowedtofocusonpreventionof In 1973 there was a huge lack of dentists in Japan, sowe oral diseases. I never agreed with this approach and decided to study more scientific as a researcher and teacher. and moderndentistry The ICD is One Team that means one for all and all for one. As president for the Centennial year, I am dedicated tomakethecelebrationsuccessfulwiththehelpandparticipation of Fellows from all over the world. J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS Honoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920tm 13'