b'THE COUNCILfee structures and ideas for enhancing communicationsGuests who register for the Centennial in Nagoya also have worldwide.the option to schedule a guid-ed, inclusive tour through Jon Baines Tours before or after the Strategic plan update Centennial events. (see pg. 2) At the end of 2018, the Executive Committee (EC) realizedEach tour option takes guests theneed,andappropriatetimingwiththeupcomingto a variety of Japanese desti-Centennial year, to update the College Strategic Plan innations including Tokyo, Kyoto, order to begin the next 100 years with a strong frameworkKanazawa and Hakone, while of organizational directives. ICD has grown from a smallCENTENNIAL CAKEexploringthehistory,culture group of honored individuals to an organization of 122Baked by ICD Philippines. and local cuisines.countries,thousandsofFellows,amultitudeofglobal projects and an expanding Global Visionary Fund. Led byFellows worldwide are already showing their Centennial 2019 President Bettie McKaig, the EC functioned as thespirit in various ways like organizing Centennial-promoting core Strategic Planning group, responsible for updatingevents in their local areas, wearing Centennial logo pins, goals and objectives and engaging the Council to facilitateflyingminiCentennialflagsorevenrepresentingthe action items.Centennial on a decorative cake! All Fellows have access DuringtheMilanStrategicThinkingSession,severalto download the Centennial logo for use in promotional presentations were given on the four Goals of the plan,andprofessionalactivities.Centennialmerchandiseis addressingtheintentandobjectivesforeachone. Analso available for purchase through the USA Section.inspirational letter from the future ICD President of 2024 was shared aloud to provide an overview of where the College projects to be in five years and how the Strategic Planwillhelpgetitthere.TheCouncilapprovedthe updated Strategic Plan and will continue to use it as an important tool for all planning and facilitation of College programs, initiatives, operations and communications.Centennial gains momentum Centennial discussions were led by Centennial Chair Dov Sydney. Sectional plans and preparations were shared, Centennial merchandise was displayed, and updates were given on the Centennial Symposium on Humanitarian andCLICK ARROW TO PLAY CENTENNIAL TRAILEREducationalProgramsandtheCentennialInternational Induction Ceremony events set to take place in Nagoya, Japan this year. See page 14 for more information.Live installation a success CentennialregistrationisofficiallyopenonICD100. TheOfficerInstallationLuncheonimmediatelyfollowed org. All Fellows who plan to attend any of the CentennialtheadjournmentoftheMilanCouncilmeeting.2019 events in Nagoya must register. Hotel information is alsoInternationalPresidentMcKaigpresentedseveral available in the registration details. Guests may reservehonorable awards to deserving International Councilors a room at the Nagoya Tokyu Hotel, the official Centennialfor their individual services and leadership. A first for the venue, at a discounted rate when they register.College, the ceremony was broadcast in real time on the 1 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'