b'THE COUNCILICD Facebook page, making the event available for viewing to ICDs 4,000+ followers using Facebook Live. Finally, President McKaig exchanged the presidential gav-el and chain with incoming President Akira Senda, and the 2019-2020 Officers were installed: President Akira Senda (Japan), President Elect Richard Smith (USA), Vice Presi-dent Ho Youl Chang (Korea), Treasurer Keith Suchy (USA) and Editor Dov Sydney (Israel).The 2020 Council meeting will be held in Nagoya, Japan, with a committee meeting on November 11 and Council ses-sion on November 12.CLICK ARROW TO PLAY INDUCTION VIDEO2020: An Iconic YearPhillip DowellDirector of College DevelopmentThisyear,myfocushasbeenongettingfundingforthe Centennial,whichwillbethebiggestcelebrationofour achievements over the last 100 years. Fellows from all over the world will come together in Japan, the birthplace of the ICD, to honor the past and secure the future of this wonderful College of ours. Thestrategyforcorporatefundraisingwasdeveloped with the help of our Centennial Partner Henry Schein. Team Schein and the Global Visionary Fund (GVF) will hopefully gain renewed traction after the Symposium in Nagoya when companies have seen the enormous amount of good works that we carry out through our humanitarian and educational programs.As Chairman of the GVF, I report healthy growth in our level of support for humanitarian and educational initiatives. We must expand our GVF leadership and involve more Fel-lows in order to increase the awareness of the GVF. I ask all Fellows to learn more about the GVF and help us get impor-tant work done by making a financial contribution.2020 will be an iconic year for the ICD, as Fellows from around the world in each Section honor our centennial year culminating in the grand finale in Nagoya, Japan.I look for- CENTENNIAL SUPPORT Much appreciation goes ward to celebrating with as many of you as possible. out to our Partners and Sponsors. J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS Honoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920tm 11'