b'THE COUNCILICD: Fit for the FutureJack Hinterman Secretary GeneralT hesuccessfulcompletionofseveralimportantBright potential for Section XX Collegeinitiativesin2019createdthepositive energy and momentum we need in order to launchThe Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) was our next 100 years of ICD history. First, a dedicated effortonce again the site for a Section XX: Regions Induction to update the Councils strategic plan was successfullyCeremony on December 1, 2019. New Fellows, including ledbyImmediatePastInternationalPresidentBettieinaugural inductees from the Dominican Republic, made McKaig. Another huge undertaking to restate our Collegeupanenthusiasticclass.AmericanDentalAssociation governance documents (now titled Bylaws and StandingPresident and ICD Fellow Chad Gehani gave the keynote Rules) has also been completed, thanks to the work of theaddress. The new Fellows of the Dominican Republic and Bylaws Committee and a highly productive InternationalHaiti have asked to establish ICD in their nations under CouncilMeeting.TheCollegeCentennialCommitteethe formation of a new Region for Hispaniola, with the hasdevelopedexcitingplansandpromotionsforlocal dental schools serving as hosts for ICD, as is done Centennial events that you wont want to miss. The recentelsewhere in the world. reorganization of ICD Section IV South America makesThe GNYDM and ICD New York Regent Ira Titunik con-the College stronger. tributed generously by providing the venue and by wel-Alsoin2019,thebrandnewICD-WUDAAStudentcomingFellowsandgueststoattendanInternational Scholarship program awarded inaugural scholarships toReception. TheICDsCentennialMediaPartnerDental three deserving dental students to assist with the costsTribune International reported the event in their interna-of dental education. The ICD Get Smart About Antibioticstional publication, as well as the GNYDM Today paper.program launched an educational video, which is availableAs its fourth year participating in these events, the Col-to all Fellows online for the possibility of one free Continu- lege has been asked to increase its activities during the ing Education credit. The video may also be viewed duringGNYDM. The GNYDM has proven to be a great gathering presentations and seminars.place and easily accessible for many Fellows. The Inter-IntheCollegeOffice,OperationsManagerChelseanational Induction Ceremony at GNYDM may become a permanent event with the GNYDM serving as the home Segren has increased our capacities for displaying an un- base of ICD Section XX. limited number of projects on the interactive ICD Projects Map and has effectively created a customized registra-tion system that gives us control over event planning and financial aspects of the Centennial in Nagoya. All in all, 2019 was busy and exciting and will prove to be a very important year for the future success of the College.Finally,anewcontractedCommunicationsSpecialist, Emily Hayes, was added to the College Office communi-cations team to help improve and increase quality College communications. The communications team is developing a more streamlined digital strategy to reach and engage both ICD Fellows and the global oral health industry. The digital strategy includes an expanded ICD Facebook page with more consistent posting and audience engagement;HISTORICAL INDUCTIONin New York City brought targeted and increased electronic messaging; and collab- together Fellows and dental leaders at the GNYDM on orative cross-communications with global partners.Dec 1, 2019. J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS Honoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920tm 7'