b'THE COUNCILFindingnewmeansforconnectivitymanyhavebeeninvolvedwithonlineprogrammingand during COVID-19continuing education throughout this crisis, contributing to infectioncontrolprotocols,bestpracticesandresearch. AnotheropportunityprovidedbytheinabilitytotravelThe Dental Safety Program and Understanding Antimicro-for traditional meetings is the rise in virtual events. Newbial Resistance Program have played key roles in serving technologies, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, haveas platforms for identifying and disseminating important in-made the management and interaction between the Worldformation. The Dental Safety Programs founder and first Headquarters and our Sections more simple, effective andScientific Director, Fellow Raghu Puttaiah, retired from his inexpensive. In October and November, ICD Director ofrole and helped appoint his replacement, Fellow John Tull-Operations Chelsea Segren and I held Zoom meetingsner. Over the past year, the program has shared numerous with the leaders of every Section to learn of their activities,resources related to COVID-19 and how it impacts den-successes and challenges. These events were very valu- tistry and healthcare settings worldwide. The Understand-able, and many initiatives came from them.ing Antimicrobial Resistance program continues to evolve as more information is available from sources including During the pandemic, the International Council success- the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and fully held its first-ever virtual meeting on Oct. 29, 2020.the World Health Organization. The program regularly lists Section I USA held its first virtual convocations, bringing inup-to-date videos and articles on its webpage, and it pro-nearly 300 new Fellows, and it hosted two complete virtualduced its first-ever ICD webinar in September 2020. meetings. Section VI published its first all-electronic ver-sion of its newsletter. In late 2020, I was pleased to partici-pate in the Section XV virtual Board Meeting, Section XIIICD World Headquarters transitions to Annual Meeting and Convocation, Section I virtual Annualall-virtual platformMeeting and Fellowship Orientation Program, Section IX virtual Annual Meeting, and the Section IV virtual Congre- With the retirement of ICDs distinguished, longtime Sec-so Cien Aos (yo habl en espaol, no less, despite theretary General Jack Hinterman came the end of an era for fact that I only understand it a little). Through all of thesethe College. For its entire history, the ICD staff worked from efforts, the College recovered and emerged as vital, en- a physical office. The location of these offices changed gaged and relevant during these most difficult times. from time to time to coincide with the location of the Sec-retary General. When the College hired me to follow Jack ICD programs provide vitalin this position, it was clear that my living arrangements in COVID-19 resources rural Maine and southwest Florida would not make sense for any kind of physical office. This realization helped lead As ICD Fellows and industry experts serve at the forefrontto another wonderful opportunity, the concept of a virtual of the discussions relating to COVID-19 and oral health,ICD World Headquarters. ICD HEADQUARTERS SENIOR TEAM(L/R) Secretary General Joe Kenneally, Director of Communications Dov Sydney, Director of Development Phillip Dowell, Director of Operations Chelsea Segren and Communications Specialist Emily Hayes. 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'