b'Foundations of the CollegeT HEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTSHonoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920 TheCollegehasalonganddistinguishedrecordastheworldsmostprestigious international honor society of dentists earned by recognizing, through a strict peer-review process, those individuals whopersonifythe Core Values of the College and have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the profession.Core ValuesLeadership Uphold the highest standard of professional competence and personal ethics.Recognition Recognize distinguished service to the profession and the public worldwide.HumanitarianismFostermeasuresforthepreventionandtreatmentoforaldiseaseby encouraging and supporting humanitarian projects.EducationContribute to the advancement of the profession of dentistry by fostering the growth and diffusion of dental knowledge worldwide.InternationalProfessionalRelationsProvideauniversalinternationalforumforthe cultivation of cordial relations within the profession and to assist in preserving the highest perception of the profession worldwide.THE GLOBE2021'