b'THE COUNCILbers from 19 different time zones, the meeting was limitedOne of the challenges the College faced last year due to to one hour, allowing time for decision-making on items ofCOVID-19 was the fact that many ICD inductees were the highest priority.not able to experience an in-person convocation cer-The historic virtual meeting went off flawlessly and wasemony. As most Sections rely on convocation ceremo-very productive. Some of the key decisions included re- nies as their annual opportunity to honor new Fellows, activating a Section XX Region to represent Fellows onthe inability to hold ceremonies may create barriers to the island of Hispaniola, adopting a 2021 College budget,bringing in new Fellows. Some Sections have honored andpassingguidelinesallowingSectionstorecognizenew Fellows in absence of a ceremony, either by offer-new Fellows in absence of an induction ceremony dueing them immediate Fellowship at a discounted initiation to restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and other ex- fee rate, or by allowing them to pay their initiation fees in traordinarycircumstances. Additionally,individualswerefull but committing to attending a ceremony in the future. honored for services and contributions to the InternationalThis is an alternative concept to inducting new Fellows Council and the worldwide College. in absence of a ceremony, which could have a posi-tive impact on membership growth during extraordinary Pre-Council information session times like these.The College Executive and Membership committees A pre-Council meeting information session was held viahad ongoing discussions throughout 2020 about the im-Zoom on Oct. 8, where Council members were providedpact of COVID-19 on membership growth and the ability an unrestricted amount of time to discuss all items andto honor new Fellows in absence of a ceremony. It was motions for the upcoming Council meeting. Council mem- universally accepted that Sections should have this op-bers were also given the opportunity during this session totion, if they choose, as there is no restrictive language submit and share Section, committee, program and officerin the College Bylaws that prohibit Sections from imple-reports and updates on ICD news and activities happeningmenting this concept. around the world. The information session was intendedIn summary, the College has developed guidelines to to allow the Council members time to connect with eachhelpSectionsimplementalternativepathwaystoFel-other virtually, hold informal discussions and exchange in- lowship, in the case that extraordinary circumstances do formation. The information session properly prepared thenot allow for in-person convocation ceremonies. Please Council for a seamless Council meeting and was so well- contact the ICD World Headquarters for these guide-received among the Councilors that consideration is beinglines and more information.given to continuing this format of open discussion at future Council meetings. International officer terms extendedAlternative pathways to Fellowship Along with cancelation of the 2020 Centennial celebra-tions and in-person Council meeting, the 2020 officer electionwasalsoputonhold. AftertheNominations Committee confirmed there were no new nominations forCollegeofficerpositions,theInternationalCouncil during its virtual meeting decided to extend the terms of the current International Officers until the Council could elect new officers in 2021. The current College Officers areInternationalPresident AkiraSendaofJapan,In-ternational President Elect Richard Smith of the USA, International Vice President Ho Chang of South Korea, International Treasurer Keith Suchy of the USA and In-ternational Editor Dov Sydney of Israel.1 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'