b'COUNCIL NEWSdonation from an individual Fellow, gifting over $130,000bytheICDGlobalHeadquartersthroughtheGlobal to support the Colleges developmental efforts, includingVisionaryFund,incooperationwithSections,and theimprovementofresourcesandsystemsforbetterresults will be reported at the end of 2023. Sign up to engagement and fund-raising. When asked why he chosebe a Supporter or Beneficiary of the FAP today and help to support the ICD with such a generous gift, Dr. Liu replied,make a positive impact.Ask not what ICD can do for you, ask what you can do for ICD. Thats the moment I had made my decision to2022 International Council Meetingdonate. The College encourages support from both giversThe International Council held its first hybrid meeting in and receivers to create a culture of philanthropy. Find outHouston, Texas, with 21 members attending in person more ways to support the ICD.Partnerships and Future ConsiderationsThe ICDs strategic partnership with Cigna Dental provides participatingdentistsaccesstotheCollegesexpertise on prescribing and health practices. With over 140,000 dentists in Cignas network, this partnership has potential for large-scale impact. The pandemic prompted the College to adapt to virtual meetings and online education, which could serve as guidance for future decisions. To keep pace with technology, the College is evaluating its management systems and member database platform. Additionally, the ICDs consultant status with the United Nations EconomicTOGETHER AGAIN The International Council reconvened and Social Council (ECOSOC) grants access to high-levelfor an in-person meetingin Houston.U.N.sessionsandcollaborationwiththeWorldHealth Organization (WHO), promoting its mission and presenceandeightvirtually.ThemeetingincludedCouncilors globally.TheCollegesexplorationofnewpartnershipssharing their Sections accomplishments and challeng-and innovations will continue to increase its impact andes, discussing membership recruitment and retention, influence within the international dental community.approving new initiatives, and adopting a budget. The Fellows Helping Fellows meeting also focused on positioning the ICD globally and transitioning to a U.S. registered 501c3 non-profit We offer our deepest sympathies to those affected by theorganization. pandemic and extend patience, care and understandingThe meeting coincided with the USA Sections an-to those still struggling. We respect those who choose tonual meetings and convocation, providing opportunities leave the ICD and support their decision. As COVID-19for engagement and cultural experiences. The meeting becomes endemic, Sections leadership should allow our hardest hit colleagues time to recover fully. The 2023 Fellowshowcased the dedicated leadership of the ICDs global AssistanceProgram(FAP)aimstoaidFellowsfacingcommunity. Additionally, new countries were added to financial hardships, improve member retention and providetheICDfootprint,includingSuriname,St.Lucia,Ni-a way for Fellows to support one another. Beneficiaries canger, Georgia, Timor Leste, Fiji, Cook Islands, Kiribati, apply for financial support, and Supporters can voluntarilyNauru, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, sponsor up to US $50 per Beneficiary. Both SupportersVanuatu and Western Samoa. These additions bring and Beneficiaries may sign up voluntarily, and their namesthe total number of Fellows to over 12,000 in almost will remain anonymous. The program will be implemented140 countries. Houston photo galleryTHE GLOBE 2023No. 1 7'