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Membership in the College, signified by the honorary title of Fellow, is by invitation only.  The honor is bestowed upon those dentists who have made significant contributions to the profession, their community, and successfully completed a thorough peer review process. A dentist awarded fellowship in the College is granted the right to place the letters FICD, Fellow International College of Dentists, after his or her name in accordance with the usage and restrictions as designated by the College constitution and bylaws.  A description of the requirements for Fellowship can be found in the bylaws.

Master Fellows

Sections or Governing Body may nominate a Fellow of the College, who has rendered extraordinarily conspicuous and outstanding service to the College, for Master Fellowship.  A complete list and more information can be found on the Master Fellows page.

Honorary Fellows

Sections may confer Honorary Fellowship upon an individual, other than a member of the College and not necessarily a dentist, who has rendered conspicuous service to the cause of dental science or has contributed to the promotion of the dental profession. A complete list and more information can be found on the Honorary Fellows page.

Nominate a Fellow

The College invites you to nominate colleagues, deserving of Fellowship in the International College of Dentists. Your help is essential to the future of the College, and ensuring that we meet our responsibility to recognize every deserving dentist in the world. Consider the qualifications you had when your sponsor nominated you, and think of friends or colleagues who demonstrate similar professional attributes. Then begin the nomination process!

To help you get started, please click here to inform the ICD World Headquarters about  your proposed candidate. ICD will then contact the appropriate Section’s Registrar and District Regent, who will guide the candidate through the sponsorship process.