The highest Award given in the International College of Dentists is the Ottofy – Okumura Award. It is not intended to be presented every year, and it recognizes extraordinary lifetime service to the ICD. To be considered for this award, a candidate must have maintained Fellowship in good standing for at least 20 years and must have demonstrated a history of outstanding service to the College at every level. This is a rare and distinctive honor presented to a Fellow who has significantly elevated the College through his or her actions and activities.

Recipients of the Ottofy-Okumura Award

1988 Franklin D. Kenward USA, Sec. I *
1990 Seiji Kawabe Japan, Sec. VII *
1992 A. Gordon Rowell Australia, Sec. VIII *
1994 Canadian Section Section II
1997 European Section Section V
1998 Richard G. Shaffer USA, Sec. I
2000 Sadakatsu Sato Japan, Sec. VII *
2003 Heun Taek Jhee Korea, Sec. XI
2004 U.S.A. Section Section I
2007 J.C. Chandna India, Sec. VI
2009 Robert E. Brady USA, Sec. I
2013 Manfred A. Seidemann Chile, Sec. IV
2013 Donald E. Johnson USA, Sec. I *
2018 Herbert K. Yee USA, Sec. I *

* = Deceased