Dr. Charles Siroky

Take a moment and read ICD President Charles Siroky’s commentary during his presidential term.

IT SEEMS TO ME… a note from International President Charles Siroky

Phoenix, Arizona, USA  1.1.11

Dear ICD Fellows worldwide,

Happy New Year!  On behalf of the International College of Dentists, I extend to each Fellow, and his or her family, the warmest of wishes for 2011.  May you enjoy good health, much happiness, abundant prosperity, abiding peace and personal satisfaction in this New Year.

Of all the constants in the world, the most certain is change.  Yet, while change is good and fresh and promising, we should never be guilty of adopting change just for change sake.  We should keep the best and discard the rest.  Your ICD Officer Corps has, starting a year ago, adopted a Team Leadership governance plan.  When we are all in accord on the beneficence of an idea, concept or project, we will see it through regardless of timetables.  Good things sometimes take more than a single year for completion. At the Executive Committee level, we welcome Leon Aronson, Vice President, and Clive Ross, Treasurer, while saying good-bye and thank you to Richard Shick, Former President, and William Clitheroe, former Treasurer.  The Central Office personnel and particulars remain the same as last year.

Each new administration has both the responsibility and privilege of establishing goals for the year at hand.  My primary goals for 2011 are:

1. Increase the College’s emphasis on the key characteristics of ICD Fellowship…


Recalling the joy and pride we first felt on being named a Fellow of the ICD, we must imprint the meaning of the high honor of being invited to ICD Fellowship in the minds of all Fellows.

This pride will live beyond the induction year only when Fellows participate in Section activities, projects and philanthropies.  Fellowship is more than a plaque on the wall!

2. Through our words and our deeds, project a vibrant and progressive….


Internally, the individual Fellows must lead the way. Externally, the College must promote itself throughout the world community of dentists and the public.

3. Empower ICD Fellows everywhere to celebrate and take pride in the…


By building the knowledge of individual Fellows with respect to College worldwide activities, especially the humanitarian projects, we grow their interest, involvement and sense of ownership in the College.

4. Strive for continuous improvement in all areas of…


Increased and enhanced communications will effectively promote The College goals for 2011. The Globe, The College Today, The President’s Notes, and the Central Office Notes will be published on a coordinated schedule by The College At Large.

Personal and general correspondence, friendly and courteous, will build the positive image of The College, improve the Fellows’ knowledge and foster cordial relations. We will celebrate honors, birthdays and achievements.

5. Achieve world class proficiency and image in our business practices through…


Time lines and prompt follow up protocols will be utilized and strictly adhered to in all aspects of College business.

Accurate and efficient data base information will be achieved along with firm control of College finances by the Central Office. Special emphasis will be directed to Section XX administration.

Improved cordial, helpful and personal relations will be established with the leadership of the Sections and Region.

6. Extend the International College of Dentists to under-represented areas through…


To address geographic growth, The College will be introduced to unserved areas of the world by creating new Regions.  For numeric growth, all Sections and Regions will be encouraged to expand, especially where The College is underrepresented.

Achieving greater numbers will increase the presence, strength and influence of The College. My personal challenge is that each Section expands their number of Fellows to achieve a minimum of 3% of the active number of practicing dentists in their Section, Region, or District.

I invite each Fellow to join me in pursuing these goals.  With a strong team effort, where we are all on the same page and united in effort, the International College of Dentists will have a most successful year – and then some.

With warmest fraternal regards,
Charles L. Siroky, International President
This and that … please keep the ICD Central Office advised of your current e-mail address and encourage other Fellows in your area to do the same.

Downloads: Presidential Notes January 2011 (PDF format 36 KB )