b"No. 1J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTSEDITOR-IN-CHIEFOur founding fathers focused on expanding the S. Dov Sydneyconnection and camaraderie between dentists around SECTION ASSOCIATE EDITORS the world by recognizing proven leaders. Section I USA |\x03\x035LFKDUG\x03)\x11\x035RDGFDS6HFWLRQ\x03,,\x03&DQDGD\x03|Drew Smith Thosehonoredwerechargedwithfacilitatingeducational Section III Mexico | \x03)HGHULFR\x033HUH]\x03'LH] opportunities for the profession and providing oral health care to Section IV South America |Anny Bonilla communities in need. Over the succeeding 102 years, our motto, recognizing service and the opportunity to serve, has become the Section V Europe | \x031DLUQ\x03:LOVRQ distinctive trait of the Colleges DNA. 6HFWLRQ\x039,\x03,QGLD\x0f\x036UL\x03/DQND\x0f\x031HSDO\x03|S.M. BalajiSection VII Japan |Yoshinobu Imamura :PV\x03XJMM\x03mOE\x03NBOZ\x03FYBNQMFT\x03PG\x03UIF\x03$PMMFHF\x03DPOUJOVJOH\x03UP\x03GVMmMM\x03UIF\x03Section VIII Australasia |Jenny Ball motto in the Council News and Impact! segments. Among the top Section IX Philippines |\x03\x039LYLDQ\x03*DEDOGRQ stories are our selection as UN special consultant to the Economic 6HFWLRQ\x03;\x030LGGOH\x03(DVW\x03| \x035DP]L\x03+DGGDG and Social Council (ECOSOC); the start of a global College donation strategy with the fundraising international Giving Tuesday program; Section XI Korea |Eui Bin Im andtheproductive,virtualInternationalCouncilandcommittee Section XII Chinese Taipei |\x03\x03+VLQ\x10&KHQJ\x03/LX meetings, all accomplished concurrently while our humanitarian Section XIII China | \x03+X\x0f\x037DR programs remained steadfast to the mission of providing much Section XIV |\x03\x030\\DW\x031\\DQ needed services to the underserved and neglected on nearly every Section XV |\x03\x031DXPDQ\x03.KDQ continent, despite COVID-related challenges. Section XX |Joe Kenneally And there is more: For a revealing perspective on the College and a EDITORIAL ASSISTANT sky-high story about his unique hobby, click on the video interview Chelsea Segren with International President Dr. Richard Smith.LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC ARTSWhileTHEGLOBEpresentsonlyasnapshotofICDactivities, RQLW\x03*ROGPDQ\x101LU Fellows can clearly see why the College continues to merit its status as the leading international honor society for dentists. One can but PAST EDITORS OF THE GLOBE imagine the pride the founding fathers would have had in seeing \x14\x1c\x18\x1c\x03\x14\x1c\x1a\x19\x03+DUROG\x036\x11\x03(EHUKDUGW\x03 the ICD reach and likely surpassed their most optimistic dreams.\x14\x1c\x1a\x1a\x03\x15\x13\x13\x15\x03:LOOLDP\x03(\x11\x03+DZNLQV\x15\x13\x13\x16\x03\x15\x13\x13\x18\x035LFKDUG\x03$\x11\x036PLWK\x15\x13\x13\x19\x03\x15\x13\x14\x14\x03-RKQ\x039\x11\x03+LQWHUPDQOperations Center 615 S. Saginaw Street, Suite 3008 Flint, Michigan 48502 USA3KRQH\x1d\x03\x1b\x14\x13\x10\x1b\x15\x13\x10\x16\x13\x1b\x1a\x03(PDLO\x1d\x03RIFH#LFG\x11RUJ\x03 6\x11\x03'RY\x036\\GQH\\\x03''6\x0f\x030,&':HEVLWH\x1d\x03ZZZ\x11LFG\x11RUJ (GLWRU\x10LQ\x10&KLHI4 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS"