Video Course Description:

The program focuses on international volunteerism around the world, including how to facilitate volunteer projects and best practices when volunteering internationally. The panel of ICD experts, including USA Fellows Dr. Frank Serio, Dr. Jack Levine and Dr. Steve Mackler, share their experiences and thoughts on the joys and challenges of international volunteerism, as well as the cultural, logistical and sustainability considerations.

Achieving CE Credit:

After watching the video, you must take and pass successfully (100% correct) the knowledge test in order to receive a completion certificate for one hour of Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) PACE approved credit.  You may take the knowledge test as many times as needed in order to get credit for the video course.

Take the Knowledge Test:

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1. Which document acknowledges short-term engagements in global health and acts as a guide for the future of volunteerism?
2. The benefit of collaboration and networking can bring together organizations and individuals with shared humanitarian goals.
3. Volunteerism is life-changing for: