The ICD Global Visionary Fund was created to improve the oral health of the public and enhance the profession of dentistry. It does this by supporting initiatives in humanitarian dental care projects and continuing dental education.

Presently, applications are being considered for the provision of a one-time donation of dental materials and supplies for use in charitable dental treatment projects. Collaborating with our strategic partner Henry Schein Cares, our International Projects Approval Board will review applications for grants of equipment and materials which will then be delivered to the applicant by Henry Schein for use in charitable projects that qualify.

Projects demonstrating the possibility of achieving a sustainable improvement in oral health will be favored. Applicants must provide a specific list of the requested materials, including price and quantities, and explain how they will be used effectively. Grants are awarded in the form of supplies with a fair market value of up to $5,000 US and should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the date supplies are needed.