Webinar and Knowledge Quiz

The Bettie McKaig Women Leadership Series is a series of ICD Online programs dedicated to women leadership within the College and the dental profession, providing a platform for women leaders to speak about their experiences, challenges, opportunities and contributions, as well as share leadership resources and information. This episode “Embracing Global Equity and Sustainability” aligns with the 2023 International Women’s Day theme of #EmbracingEquity and features 4 international Fellow women leaders speaking to their experiences of equality and equity throughout their careers and journeys in oral health.

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the impact and role of women dental leaders globally, including pathways to leadership, challenges and opportunities
  • Identify barriers or obstacles that women dental leaders face during their career experiences
  • Evaluate future opportunities for women dental leaders to play a larger role in the policy and decision-making systems of public and oral health
  • Understand the difference between Equality and Equity as it relates to women dentists and leaders in the oral health industry globally. Promote awareness of Equity for women’s advancement in economics, education, health and in the workplace
  • Identify contributions to professional successes in the dental community, ICD Fellows and women worldwide


After watching the video, you must take and pass successfully (at least 6/7 correct) the knowledge quiz in order to receive a completion certificate for 1 hour of Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) PACE approved credit.  You may take the knowledge quiz as many times as needed in order to get credit for the video course.


Quiz - Women in Leadership: Embracing Global Equity and Sustainability

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1. According to Dr. Verma, in some non-developed countries where equity does not exist, women had no opportunities and had the status of a what?
2. What “three C’s” did panelist De Lara Torres describe regarding how she can improve equity within her professional leadership position?
3. How can women achieve positive change for equity and inclusion in dental practices and organizations?
4. Does equality exist in 2023 in all areas of the world?
5. Mentorship on a personal and professional level is important to women achieving success in their careers.
6. What are some of the obstacles globally that have hindered advancement of women?
7. As per our panelists' comments, are equality and equity synonymous?