Dr. Charles Siroky

Take a moment and read ICD President Charles Siroky’s commentary during his presidential term.

IT SEEMS TO ME… a note from International President Charles Siroky

Phoenix, Arizona, USA 5.1.11

Growth and Development Any organization, whether a corporation, an association, or a professional society, must have a well-developed and positive Growth and Development strategy.  Its visibility, strength and significance to its employees, constituents or members depends on that strategy.

Our International College of Dentists is no exception to this requirement and, over the years, by virtue of our officers’ dedication to this philosophy and a special committee devoted solely to this endeavor, has provided the leadership necessary to ensure the College’s relevancy in this modern age.

But is it enough? Have we been successful in showcasing the strengths of our College?  Has the College shown a sense of vision to its fellows that provide the necessary stimulus to encourage active initiatives in line with objectives?  And most importantly, has the College justified its “raison d’etre” as the pre-eminent international honorary organization in Dentistry.

Our College must develop geographically to continue to spread the vision of our founders to deserving colleagues in remote areas of our world and to grow numerically to continue to honor the very best of our newest generations of dentists.  A strong strategy is also needed to retain those that have been honored by Fellowship in the College by reminding them of the feeling of pride they had at their Induction so they will continue their good works for the “benefit of all humankind.”

Growth and Development is the cornerstone of a successful organization and yet it means different things to different people.

Growth and Development is not just increasing membership, it isn’t just better communications, nor is it an ad hoc collection of projects.  Growth and Development, to be an effective tool for our organization, must reflect principles as described by noted management consultant Larry Greiner:

“Growth through creativity Growth through direction Growth through good organizational direction Growth through coordination and monitoring Growth through collaboration and networking”

My recent “Project 55,” to identify the amazing work being done and the success achieved by our Sections around the world, has shown what an extraordinarily dedicated organization of which we are privileged to be part.  We should all be very proud of these accomplishments.   It does suggest, however, that while our College had its beginnings in the dissemination of dental knowledge worldwide, more and more we are focusing on dental humanitarian projects as the availability of Continuing Dental Education becomes easier in our ever expanding electronic world.

Now, the challenge for the International College is to harness this enthusiasm for these initiatives and to develop a strong meaningful strategy that capitalizes on this.  It must be a strategy that embodies the encouragement of good leadership, provides a sense of direction, encourages collaboration between the activities of the Sections and allows initiatives and new ideas to flow through our organization.

The Central office, under the direction of the International Council and our newly appointed Secretary General, Dr. Jack Hinterman, wants to help.  However the “engine room” lies within the International Council and its 32 Councilors – your Section’s representative(s) – who bring your ideas and initiatives to the Council table.   I encourage all Fellows, everywhere, to actively participate in the Growth and Development of our College through the Councilor representatives or directly to our Secretary General.

The College encourages your enthusiasm and leadership to go forward.  It also needs the intellectual power embodied within our Fellowship to ensure we have an enduring and meaningful Growth and Development policy.

This is your College and its relevance and strength is in your capable hands.

THIS AND THAT… The College is served best when our Fellows are best served.  How?  Sections, Districts and Regions should provide ample opportunities for your Fellows to participate: i.e. projects, philanthropies, meetings, CE, etc.

 Charles L. Siroky, International President

Downloads: Presidential Notes May 2011 (PDF format 80 KB )