Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

Santiago, Chile: May 31, 2010

Dear Fellows around the world,

During my recent visits to Sections IX-Philippines, XI-Korea, VI-India, XII-Taipei and VII-Japan, I had the opportunity to speak with many Fellows. Through our conversations I learned a lot. I became aware of I.C.D. organization-related misunderstandings and mistaken notions circulating among the Fellows. Many of the observations and questions I heard were repetitive. Thus, I have to assume that the misinterpretations and lack of I.C.D. knowledge might be widespread. This month, instead of writing about my recent visits, I would like to rectify several mistaken I.C.D.-related notions I heard from Fellows during my trip.

Our I.C.D. was conceived in 1920 by Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura, of Japan, and Dr. Louis Ottofy, of the U.S.A., who concluded that an organization was needed to assure the uniformity of dental information around the world. They recognized that dentists with ready access to new advancements and knowledge had an advantage over less fortunate colleagues. Ultimately, the patients were at a disadvantage and suffered the consequences of the lack of up-to-date dental knowledge.

The decision was made to develop an organization formed by the most knowledgeable and gifted as well as the most ethical dentists, who would network to disseminate information to their colleagues. Selecting persons for the “Network” led to an “invitation” process for dentists to become I.C.D. Fellows. Every country in the world was to be represented by at least one dentist (Fellow). The Original Mission of the I.C.D. was to disseminate the most up-to-date scientific information in Dentistry and promote cordial relations within the profession.

In our College, there are no ethnic, racial, national, social, religious or political distinctions. The Fellows are “equals among peers”. These fundamental concepts were established in 1920 and have been practiced ever since. The College is a “mixture” of distinguished professionals. I.C.D. Fellowship entails becoming closely acquainted with dentists of diverse backgrounds. The I.C.D., by its very nature, breaks down cultural, language and geographic barriers.

Our College is a truly “international” organization. It is not identified or affiliated with any country. Currently, our College’s Central Office is located in Rockville, Maryland (near Washington, D.C.), U.S.A. It could be situated anywhere in the world; however, it is very convenient to have our I.C.D. Headquarters in the U.S.A.

Our I.C.D.’s 15 Sections, regardless of their size, number of Fellows, number of Councilors, developmental stage or geographic location, are also “equals among peers”. Furthermore, in our College there are no “geographic or political blocks or alliances”. We are “One College, one I.C.D. Team”.

Now, I have four requests:

  • Please send to CentralOffice@icd.org or to me (mseidemann@vtr.net) any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Please patronize THE GLOBE´s advertisers.
  • Please assist our College in fulfilling the dreams of its Founding Fathers by sponsoring the most outstanding ethical colleagues you know for I.C.D.-Fellowship.
  • Please send to CentralOffice@icd.org or me (mseidemann@vtr.net) your suggestions and ideas to improve our College.

Wishing each one of you, dear Fellows, all the very best and much success in your activities, I remain,

With warmest fraternal regards,

Manfred Seidemann International President

c.c.: Fellow Terry Hoffeld Secretary General

Downloads: Presidential Notes May 2010 (PDF format 76 KB )