Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

March 25, 2010

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Today I am writing you regarding a very important task you can perform for our College. It is closely related to your Initiation in your International College of Dentists as well as to your personal and professional achievements. At the end of these Presidential Notes I remind you of two missions you can easily perform for your College.

The International College of Dentists is the oldest global, honorary, dental organization. Through the granting of Fellowships, our College honors those dentists who observe impeccable ethics and have distinguished themselves in their professional or academic, and communitarian lives. As a Fellow, you are aware that the Honor of Fellowship in the International College of Dentists is obtained solely through ‘invitation’.

You are one of 11,642 Fellows spread throughout 101 countries. You are a significant component of our College. Therefore, you also have the opportunity to participate in our Institution’s activities as well as in its development and growth. The latter is one of our College’s Objectives and it was firmly acknowledged when you received The Key to your College as well as The Hand of Fellowship.

During your Induction Ceremony, you were charged to also fulfill our College’s 8th. Objective: “To accept the responsibility to evaluate other colleagues for their performance and, if appropriate, become a Sponsor for those who qualify for Fellowship”.

The mission of our College is to elevate the standards of care delivered throughout the world. The I.C.D. is able to participate in this effort by expanding the network of Fellows. You have the opportunity to participate in this process by suggesting Candidates for ICD-Fellowship. You may also recommend for Fellowship colleagues from other Sections and areas without an I.C.D. presence. Unfortunately, sometimes, highly ethical and qualified colleagues may be inadvertently overlooked. This process must follow a protocol:

  1. Own District or Region The name of the “suggested colleague” as well as personal information and a description of the attributes that make said person worthy for the “recommendation for ICD-Fellowship” will be submitted in writing to the District’s or Region’s Regent. The information will be studied by the pertinent authorities. If appropriate, the process will proceed with its normal course.
  2. Other Sections, Districts, Regions or Areas without an I.C.D. Presence
    1. To make the recommendation, you should submit, in writing, the name(s), postal address and all pertinent information to the “nearest competent authority”; i. e., Section President or Registrar, District or Region Regent or Secretary.
    2. The District or Region and Section to which the “recommended colleague” would belong, will determine the suggested person is worthy of ICD-Fellowship.

I invite you to participate in your College’s growth and development. Our Founding Fathers, Fellows Louis Ottofy and Tsurukichi Okumura, believed that every highly ethical and outstanding dentist should be considered for the Honor of ICD-Fellowship.

Please send to your I.C.D. Central Office (sg@icd.org) suggestions that you believe will improve our International College of Dentists. Also, do not forget to favor, with your purchases, THE GLOBE magazine’s Advertisers.

Wishing you, dear Colleagues and Friends, all the very best, I remain,

With warmest fraternal regards,

Manfred Seidemann International President

c.c.: Fellow Terry Hoffeld Secretary General

Downloads: Presidential Notes March 2010 (PDF format 120 KB )