Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

Santiago, Chile: June 30, 2010

Dear Fellows around the world,

On June 24th, my daughter Deborah and I returned from Europe, where I attended Section V’s Regents Meeting and Induction Ceremony. My recent contacts with seven different Sections provided me with the opportunity to speak with many Fellows of different nationalities. These exchanges often brought to my attention the Fellows’ admiration for our College, as well as their widespread humanitarian devotion. Indeed, ours is a unique Institution comprised of exceptional people!

These conversations also alerted me to a lack of knowledge regarding our College’s types or classes of Fellowship (membership) and Awards. To address this issue, I would like to take this opportunity to provide some general information about and explain the significance of these Distinctions.

ICD-Fellowship (FICD) is the first of several High Honors granted by our College. It is our College’s fundamental Honor and also confers membership to the organization. ICD Fellowship is awarded exclusively, through invitation only, to outstanding, highly ethical dentists.

The rare Master of the ICD (MICD) Distinction is granted to Fellows who have rendered conspicuous service to their Section and College, and stand out through their personal integrity and eminence in their work. Candidates are nominated by the Sections and approved by the International Council or its Executive Committee.

Life Fellowship is a privilege bestowed on Fellows and Masters who, throughout their lives, have loyally served our College, but due to, for instance, their age or a disabling medical problem, have limited activity or income.

The Emeritus Award is restricted to Fellows and Masters who have retired as International Council members. The candidates for this Award are International Council Members who have contributed to the College’s progress and achievement in a special way.

The Ottofy-Okumura Award is granted to Fellows and ICD-Sections that have exhibited outstanding and significant contributions to the Dental Profession for the advancement of international understanding and goodwill. Since 1985, the International College of Dentists’ Highest and Rarest Honor has been awarded to just seven Fellows and three Sections.

Honorary Fellowship is conferred by a Section on an individual, other than a Fellow of the College and not necessarily a dentist, who has rendered conspicuous service to the cause of Dental Science or contributed to the promotion of the Dental Profession.

Our International College of Dentists’ Distinctions are based on the concepts of “Service and Peer Recognition.” They are not special favors. They are inspired by our College’s motto “Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve,” and emphasize the commitment by ICD Fellows to “Do the right thing,” not for the applause or a reward, but because it is “the right thing to do”.

Our International College of Dentists is a model organization. From the beginning, it has united in Fellowship dentists of different nationalities, cultures, ethnic origins, religions, political preferences, social backgrounds, countries and regions. Our ICD fosters understanding, respect and goodwill. It promotes professionalism, academic pride and Ethics. Fellows are “equals among peers.” The International College of Dentists is a true “amalgam” of Distinguished Ethical Professionals: The Fellows.

For more detailed information about the College Honors, please visit the ICD Constitution & Bylaws publication.

And now I would like to invite you to assist your College by performing two important actions. Please:

  • Identify and recommend outstanding and highly ethical colleagues for the Honor of ICD Fellowship.
  • Send to CentralOffice@icd.org information regarding Fellows who have received an honor, a promotion, published a book, etc., so our College may send its congratulations.

Hoping that you, dear Fellows, and your Families are well and wishing you all the very best, I remain,

With warmest fraternal and friendly regards,

Manfred Seidemann International President

c.c.: Fellow Terry Hoffeld Secretary General

Downloads: Presidential Notes June 2010 (PDF format 80 KB )