Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

April 30, 2010

Dear I.C.D. Fellow and Friend, It is my hope that this letter finds you well and filled with enthusiasm for our College and its noble missions. I also want to thank the responses received to the last Presidential Notes. They were very gratifying and stimulating. Many of the recommendations are being incorporated in our College’s Action Plans.

In the spirit of the newly established “Work Team for the Advancement of the I.C.D.” and “I.C.D. Leadership” concepts, I.C.D. Central Office Administrator Kathleen Bula, Secretary-General Terry Hoffeld, President-Elect Charles Siroky and President Manfred Seidemann met on April 19 and 20, 2010, at the College’s Central Office. This meeting did not generate any expenses for the International College of Dentists.

The rationale for the meeting was to ensure that the Executive Committee and the Central Office are fully coordinated and working toward the same goals and objectives. It was felt that a coordinated approach by the ICD’s Central Office (represented by the Secretary-General and Office Administrator) and the Executive Committee (represented by the President and President-Elect) would assist the International Council in its efforts to assure the College’s stability, growth and prominent future. The flexible agenda included items such as:

– Review all College activities, goals, short- and long-term plans – Clarify where the College must change to achieve success and overcome deficiencies – College Growth and Development – Written communication – Database – Website – Assign priorities to the tasks and activities identified.

The meeting, held in a relaxed environment, allowed for a deeper level of communication and understanding. Planning and distribution of duties was achieved as well as establishing various responsibilities. A very important collateral result was that the participants became better acquainted.

In the same spirit, I invite you to assist your College by performing four important actions:

  • Identify and recommend outstanding and highly ethical colleagues for the Honor of ICD Fellowship.
  • Favor the services of our The Globe advertisers (In May you will receive your 2010 issue of The Globe).
  • Send your new or updated E-address to your ICD Central Office (CentralOffice@icd.org).
  • Send suggestions that you believe will improve your International College of Dentists to your ICD Central Office.

Please visit our College’s innovative, informative webpage (www.icd.org). Wishing you, dear I.C.D. Fellow, and your Family all the very best, I remain,

With warmest fraternal regards,

Manfred Seidemann International President

c.c.: Fellow Terry Hoffeld Secretary General

Downloads: Presidential Notes April 2010 (PDF format 52 KB )