Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

Santiago, Chile: January 2, 2010

Dear Friends,
Thank you for the honor of serving, during the year 2010, as President of our International College of Dentists and its Fellows. Your trust, dear colleagues, is very stimulating.

The International College of Dentists-at-large and I wish each of you all the very best for 2010. May this New Year bring you and your Families abundant Health, Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, and Personal Satisfaction.

Starting yesterday, our International College of Dentists has a renovated and independent Central Office. The newly restructured Secretariat will be able to optimize support for the Fellows and our College’s global mission. May this new chapter in our distinguished history be marked by positivism, stability and outstanding progress.

2010 holds numerous significant challenges for our College. There are those inherent to the present turbulent times as well as those we have chosen to face. We, the I.C.D. Fellows, have accepted the responsibility to take our College into new professional spheres and to greater heights. With our characteristic enthusiasm, hard work and ingenuity we can certainly achieve, and even surpass, our objectives.

To facilitate our endeavors, let us join together as never before. Let us form today an I.C.D. Fellowship Team to move our College forward and to accomplish its goals. This is vital to strengthening our College and fortifying is global position.

Looking forward to serving with you on the International College of Dentists Fellowship Team, I remain,

With warmest fraternal regards and best wishes,

Manfred Seidemann Fellow, Chile ICD District (Section IV-South America) International President

Downloads: Presidential Message to International Councilors 2010 (PDF format 52 KB )

c.c.: Fellow Charles Siroky, President-Elect Fellow Garry Lunn, Vice President Fellow Richard Shick, Past President Fellow Wiliam Clitheroe, Treasurer Fellow Jack Hinterman, Editor Fellow Terry Hoffeld, Secretary General Fellow Van Zissi, Deputy Secretary General Fellow Leon Aronson, Councilor Fellow Antonio Bello, Councilor Fellow Armando Berguido, Councilor Fellow Rajesh Chandna, Councilor Fellow Anthony DiMango, Councilor Fellow James Felix, Councilor Fellow Pericles de Freitas, Councilor Fellow Primo Gonzales, Councilor Fellow Cedric Haddad, Councilor Fellow Koji Hashimoto, Councilor Fellow Joe Kenneally, Councilor Fellow Anil Kohli, Councilor Fellow Peter Kotschy, Councilor Fellow Frans Kroon, Councilor Fellow Joe Lemasney, Councilor Fellow Christopher Ogunsalu, Councilor Fellow Tom Pryse, Councilor Fellow Clive Ross, Councilor Fellow Akira Senda, Councilor Fellow Yuh-Yuan Shiau, Councilor Fellow Charles Simon, Councilor Fellow Mike Suzuki, Councilor Fellow Steve Tonelli, Councilor Fellow Tun Tun Thwe, Councilor Fellow Carol Turner, Councilor Fellow Leighton Wier, Councilor Fellow Woong Yang, Councilor Fellow Jin Fei Yeo, Councilor Fellow Xuedong Zhou, Councilor Fellow Van Zissi, Councilor