Dr. Manfred Seidemann

Take a moment and read ICD President Manfred Seidemann’s commentary during his presidential term.

Santiago, Chile; December 30, 2010

Dear ICD-Fellows Around the World,

As 2010 and my Presidential term come to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for the Honor I was granted to serve you throughout the ICD-world as your President. For me, this year has been an incredible journey filled with extraordinarily powerful, humbling and moving ICD experiences. Each occurrence was an unforgettable testimony of ICD-Fellowship in action.

The ICD’s growth and progress was, is and always will be a Team Effort. A number of achievements were made this year, thanks to the selfless contributions of so many ICD-Fellows.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to the members of the International Council and the Executive Committee, as well as to the ICD Central Office personnel, for their steadfast support and assistance. Also, I wish to convey to the ICD Sections’, Districts’ and Regions’ Leadership my deepest thanks for their dedicated commitment to their Fellows and to the College-at-Large. But, and of the greatest importance, my most heartfelt appreciation goes to all of you, dear ICD Fellows, for being the Pillars of this unique, global, honorary dental organization and for keeping the 1920 Ottofy-Okumura Vision vibrantly alive!

Today, I would also like to give special thanks to some of the many people who have been an intimate part of my “formation and continuous education for life”: my late beloved father, mother and grandmother, Onkel Bruno and Tante Ria as well as Jeanne and Onkel Fritz; my dear children and my beloved brother. Also, many dear Teachers and Friends. who, in so many ways, influenced my life and taught me so much.

On January 1, 2011, my dear Friend and Colleague Charles Siroky will become our College’s next International President. He is well prepared for this position and the challenges that lie ahead. Under his leadership, our College will rise to new heights.

As always, your active collaboration with your Executive Committee and International Council, your Central Office, your Local ICD Leadership and, of course, THE GLOBE will be vital to ensure the ICD’s advancement. I would like to encourage you to ask your local ICD Leadership for a task in your ICD area of interest. By participating in ICD activities, you will have an opportunity and a platform to “make a difference” in your profession, in your local and global communities, and in your lives.

May the year 2011 bring abundant Health, Happiness, and Personal Satisfaction to you and your Families. May the upcoming year bring all ICD-Fellows even closer together in Fellowship!

Wishing each one of you and your Families all the very best, I remain,

With my warmest fraternal regards and deepest thanks for your ICD support,

Manfred Seidemann International President

Downloads: Presidential Farewell 2010 (PDF format 61 KB )