Dr. Richard Shick

Take a moment and read ICD President Richard Shick’s commentary during his presidential term.

2010 Presidential Mid-Year Report

Greetings and best wishes for the second half of 2009 from your Council.  It has been a very busy six months with significant progress on many fronts for the College.  For starters, all Fellows, when asked, willingly accepted Chairmanships and/or assignments on Committees.  It’s very gratifying to report that all Committees have been performing productively and there is significant progress on most all fronts.

In February the first ever Central Office Review (COR) was conducted the day prior to the Executive Committee (Ex Cte)  meeting, thereby drastically minimizing expenses. The participants in the COR, all thought it was very beneficial.  The COR has provided a road map for College activities and more effective working relations between Staff and Council.  The Council has directed that the Exe Cte conduct an annual COR.

The requested preliminary Committee reports were processed during the Ex Cte meeting.  Thus, further directions were provided to the Committees and decisions were made to facilitate the actions for the Annual Council Meeting in Yokohama, Japan in May.

A most critical activity of the College is the excellent progress towards establishing an independent office for the College. The oversight Transition Committee with four Sub Committees is on schedule because of tremendous competent dedicated efforts.

Accomplishments are:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation, planning and projections so Sub Committees could proceed with their responsibilities.
  2. Developed qualifications, duties and responsibilities for the Secretary General and Central Office Administrator.
  3. Developed a Budget for total support of the independent office with salary ranges for the two employees.
  4. Identified potential office sites that will become available in the fall that will match our needs, location and budget.
  5. Developed a comprehensive search plan that was implemented and successfully completed.  An Employment Agreement has been signed with Jeffrey Terrell (Terry) Hoffeld, DDS, Ph.D., is our next Secretary General that will replace Dr. Robert Brady on January 1, 2010.
  6. Developed a transition agreement with the USA Section to effectuate a cordial and seamless separation into two independent offices.
  7. Dedicated our most productive Annual Meeting in Yokohama, Japan in honor of retiring Secretary General Brady.  Unanimously made Dr. Brady an Emeritus Secretary General of the College, a lifetime appointment.
  8. Major accomplishments of the Council meeting: a) Approved a comprehensive MEDIA RESOURCE DOCUMENT and an abbreviated TAG PRESS RELEASE.
    b) After three years of extensive detailed effort, China was granted autonomous status as ICD Section XIII and Myanmar as autonomous ICD Section XIV.  These are two very significant accomplishments.
    c) The Sections are responsible for annually submitting a capitation fee for every active Fellow.  The Council passed a unanimous resolution that after two years of not complying, a Section will lose voting rights in the Council.
    d) Our outstanding Globe has been very costly to publish and distribute.  The Council therefore, changed the By Laws so that Life members “shall be eligible for a reduced fee.”  The discussion considered the potential of charging Life Members  $10.00 if they wish to receive the annual College publication, The Globe.  The Globe expense this year was $49,000.00.

The search for the Central Office Administrator is well under way with the assistance of a very competent professional relations firm.  It is anticipated that this task will be completed by August.

The orientation and training of the new Secretary General is well underway with his attendance at the annual meeting in Yokohama.  Dr. Hoffeld also will attend the USA Section meeting at the end of September.  He will be on board November 1, 2009, and assume full responsibilities January first.  The new Central Office Administrator will also be on board with orientation and training starting the first of November.

It’s an exciting time for the College and all hands are working diligently to assure that the independent office will more efficiently and effectively serve the expanding needs of our College.

Rose Marie and I have made visits to the Canadian and European Sections. I have made trips to Japan and Saudi Arabia.  Because of Rose Marie’s cancer treatments, I’ve had to cancel trips to India, Taipei and Korea.  Potential visits the rest of the year are to China, USA, Brazil and Mexico.

Because the business portions of these meetings have been very enlightening and productive, I believe that Presidential visits are absolutely essential for the growth and advancement of the College.

Our hosts for all four meetings have been so kind, gracious and fabulous, they will be a part of wonderful memories the rest of our lives.

My humble thanks to all that have permitted Rose Marie and me to serve as your First Lady and President.

God bless you all,

Dick and Rose Marie Shick