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Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance

A Global Public Health Initiative


Webinar screen

Antibiotic Prescribing in Dentistry: Challenges and Best Practices
[December 9, 2021]

Five international Fellows discuss antibiotic prescribing challenges and best practices in dentistry. The panel of experts, Dr. Gary Brillo (Philippines), Dr. Andres Pinto (United States), Dr. Wendy Thompson (United Kingdom), Dr. Mahesh Verma (India) and Dr. Sam Zwetchkenbaum (United States), engage in interesting conversations about antibiotic sustainability, adverse effects for patients, effective use in oral surgery and pain management, and correlations with COVID-19.
Viewers may complete a knowledge test after watching the video to receive 1 hour of CE credit – WATCH THE VIDEO HERE


Antibiotic Resistance: What you don’t know can hurt you

This video presentation provides a basic understanding of the critical worldwide importance of Antibiotic Resistance, focusing on how it impacts dentistry.  The package includes introduction, handouts and study questions as well as a post-test.
Viewers may complete a knowledge test after watching the video to receive 1 hour of CE credit – WATCH VIDEO HERE











Antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance is a critical issue to public health systems worldwide. Because of it, infections that were once easily treated with antibiotics are becoming more dangerous, causing treatment failure, prolonged suffering or even death. The ICD Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance program aims to disseminate critical information on antibiotic resistance and appropriate use and prescribing to ICD Fellows, oral health workers and patients globally, to help spread awareness and educate.


The program is maintained by ICD Fellow Team Members Dr. Christine Benoit, Dr. Raghu Puttaiah, Dr. Wendy Thompson and Dr. Sam Zwetchkenbaum. In addition, the CDC’s Office of Antibiotic Stewardship provides as-needed technical assistance. 
ICD Sections, Regions and Fellows are invited to participate in this College initiative by providing program opportunities and distributing information, using their own resources and communications. The ICD Global Visionary Fund may be a source for financial support.