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The Misch Legacy Endowment (MLE) is an endowment campaign to advance oral health care and education worldwide, in recognition of the lifetime achievements of Dr. Carl E. Misch, an internationally acclaimed educator and clinician in oral implantology. The campaign was launched in February 2016 with a moving speech by Dr. Misch himself (see video below). The collaboration between the ICD and the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI), managed by the ICD Global Visionary Fund, will ensure the MLE carry on the Misch legacy of service to the dental profession and the public worldwide.


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The lives of innumerable dentists and patients have been enhanced as a result of Dr. Misch’s career as a leader, innovator and educator. Determination, together with vision and skill, allowed him to overcome professional and technical barriers to bring implant dentistry into the mainstream of contemporary dental practice. The Misch family has generously designated the Misch Legacy Endowment to receive memorial donations on his behalf. Your support honors the Misch legacy and promises sustainability and growth for the fund that proudly bears his name. Your donation to the MLE will support dental education and outreach initiatives for many years to come.

You can donate online by clicking on the donation button below, or you can send your donations to the ICD World Headquarters:
615 S. Saginaw St., Suite 3008, Flint, MI, 48502, USA. Checks made out to ICD Global Visionary Fund-Misch.
The ICD Global Visionary Fund is a tax-advantaged (IRS 501c3) charitable fund for the purpose of collecting and
distributing monies in support of initiatives in dental education and humanitarian oral health care.


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Editorial by Dr. Ken Judy
Co-Chairman, International Congress of Oral Implantology