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The Korea Section’s Spring Induction and Convocation ceremony will be held on May 15 (Sat) at Shilla hotel in Seoul Korea.

The formation of the Youngnam District We would like to make the Youngnam district by the end of the next year (2009).

Now, we have 6 members in Youngnam area inclusive of 3 induction members at May Induction Ceremony and General Meeting. We’re planning to expand more members.

I.C.D. Japan Section visit Woong Yang, International councilman, visited the Japan Section Convocation in Nagoya at May 17th, 2008.

Establishment of SCF (Smile Charity Foundation) Dr. Woong Yang, who is ICD Councilman and director of SCF, was actively involved in the establishment of this organization as a fund raising director.

Our SCF center for the dental treatment of handicapped people opened in the middle of Aug. 2005.

Mr. Myoung Bak Lee, who is Korea’s President, helped a lot for the opening of SCF center.

Seoul city paid the constructive fee and actual staff salary – anesthesiologist, dentists, hygienist and add-nurse.

We paid a major portion of the patients’ actual treatment fees and arranged a nation-wide network.

These three ICD members are also actively involved.

  • Dr. Soo Koo Lee (Korean dental association President and ICD Korean Section member)
  • Dr. In Hwan Park (former Secretary General of Korea ICD Section)
  • Dr. Young Soon Shin (former president of SCDA)

Helping Hanawon

Korea-2007-4The Korean government established an organization for people who escaped from North Korea to South Korea to adapt themselves in South Korea. They opened free dental office for women at Hanawon in Bun-dang in 2002 and I.C.D. KOREAN Section members are working for them. Dr. Yang Yoo Sik & Dr. Yoo Won Hee started at the beginning, and now Dr. Cha Shin Jung & Dr. Lee Hyuk are working.

  • North Korea Project -> Our members got involved in treating North Korean Refugees.
  • Recent Activities of the Smile Charity Fund -> Homerun Ball Relay Donation, Hyundai Baseball Team for Love Giving
  • International Projects — Mongolia by Dr. Heon Taek Jhee, Uzbekistan by Dr. Yoo Sik Yang