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Dear Fellows of ICD,

On behalf of the European Section of the International College of Dentists I have a pleasure of inviting you to the 59th Annual Meeting which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the last weekend of June 2014. Slovenia is a small Central European country, on the sunny side of the Alps.  The Slovenian nation of only two millions today has survived mainly due to its culture, language and vitality. A discovery of bone flute made from bear femur,  55.000 years old  and  5200 years old wooden wheel made of ash and oak, oldest ever found was digged from the marsh near Ljubljana, testify the importance of culture and work here even in the prehistoric times. Its capital Ljubljana has a picturesque unity, composed of an architectural heritage spanning Roman city Emona, through Renaissance and Baroque Ljubljana, to the Secession Art Nouveau and Modern Ljubljana, so strongly marked by the influence of the famous Slovenian architect, Joze Plecnik. Ljubljana is an university city. The roots of the University go back to the eighteenth century with Academia Operusorum, the fourth oldest Academy of Sciences and Art in Europe.  A Philharmonic Society also dates back three centuries. At the Meeting we would like to present you some lectures and research activities  of fellows from the countries of ICD District Central and Eastern Europe and establish new friendships between members of European ICD Districts. It is  expected  that the 59th Annual Meeting of European section ICD will be an exciting scientific meeting, and last but not least, we will offer you a social programme reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the Slovenians.

Dr Ljubo Marion,