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Cenidoza-Carrasco_E-100Elizabeth C. Carrasco to Lead Section IX in 2009

Dr. Elizabeth C. Carrasco will lead the section in 2009 as it embarks upon a new chapter in its history. In 2009, the Philippines section of ICD launched its own website, www.icd-philippines.org. This site will feature history, news and a calendar of the activities of the ICD-Philippines section, as well as its constitution and by-laws.

Maria Teresa D. Amador to Lead Section IX in 2008

I am deeply honored and privileged to be given the opportunity to head this prestigious organization of renowned dentists in our country. Very few are given such recognition and I feel it is my duty and obligation to share something, which will be mutually beneficial to our profession and our countrymen.

Being in the academe for more than half on my life, I believe that the career of a professional commences in the acquisition of knowledge. So foremost in my project for the year 2008 as President of the ICD Philippines Section Inc. is to organize a Faculty Development Program.

Amador_ma_teresaFaculty members from different dental colleges in our country will be invited for a seminar on the latest trends in the Methodology of Teaching Dentistry. The end in view of this exercise is to encourage and motivate would be dentists their proficiency in dentistry.

With regards to our countrymen, we will adopt an orphanage to give dental education and treatment not only to the orphans but also to the helpers and sisters who takes care of them. The other is the municipality of Cainta, where we will be installing free dentures to the poor people in that municipality.

Projects started by the previous leadership of ICD will be continued like our coordination with Gawad Kalinga and the leadership training for graduating dental students.

One of my projects includes the encouragement of all Fellows to invite more dentists with leadership potentials to be members of the ICD. Let us seize this rare opportunity as part of ICD to avail the bountiful benefits derived from this international organization such as invaluable information regarding state of the art and innovative dental practices, sharing experiences between and among members of international sections and regions of the ICD by being interconnected through the internet to fully develop the organization’s international capabilities.

Indeed, with the invaluable help and cooperation of our members and officers, past and present, I see no reason why we cannot succeed in our noble endeavor.

Let me wish all Fellows of the ICD worldwide, a fruitful year ahead.