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Section IV’s Presidency and Vice Presidency rotates as follows:

1 January 2010 – 31 December 2011 : Argentina
1 January 2012 – 31 December 2013 : Ecuador
1 January 2014 – 31 December 2015 : Chile
1 January 2016 – 31 December 2017 : Paraguay
1 January 2018 – 31 December 2019 : Peru
1 January 2020 – 31 December 2021 : Uruguay
1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023 : Brazil

Newly incorporated Districts, once duly organized, will be added after the last entry.

Districts are autonomous. Therefore, they have different activities and programs. The Section has is an activity, the Fellow-Academicians Exchange Program, in which all Districts could jointly participate. The same is true with the yearly magazine and website. Section IV is looking for a Humanitarian Project in which all Districts could become involved.

Brief review of our Districts’ activities:


Continuing Education Program

Preventive Dental Education Program for School Children

Dental treatment for needy children

I.C.D. Meetings

Preparation of the Board of Regents Meeting.


Portuguese translation of MAGAZINE I.C.D.-SECTION IV


I.C.D. Meetings

Continuing Education Program

Assistance to needy dental students

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses.


Monthly I.C.D. Meetings

Fellow J. Richard Moulton Memorial Lecture

Three Scholarships for Needy Dental Students

Graduating Class’ Best Comrade Award

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses

Monthly Governing Board Meetings

Publication of MAGAZINE I.C.D.-SECTON IV

I.C.D. Fellow-Academicians Exchange Program

Fellows and spouses group bus excursion to Mendoza, Argentina

Searching for sponsors to finance a Humanitarian Project.


Publication of a local magazine

Continuing Education Program

I.C.D. Meetings

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses.


Continuing Education Program

Preventive Dental Education Program for School Children

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses

I.C.D. Meetings.


Assistance to needy dental students

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses

Regular I.C.D. Meetings

Preparation of two Humanitarian Projects

Directing Section IV’s web page.


Monthly I.C.D. Meetings

Cultural Activities for Fellows and spouses

Continuing Education Program

Preventive Dental Education Program for School Children

Assistance to Outstanding Young Dental Lecturers

National Dental Research Award

Award for “The Outstanding Uruguayan Dentist”

I.C.D. Fellow-Academicians Exchange Program

Monthly Governing Board Meetings



In Formation – No Activity Reported

2005 News

Annual Executive Committee Meeting (Santiago, Chile)

It took place on July 30, 2005. The following attended the meeting:

Fellow Carlos Vélez

President, Section IV

Fellow Alberto Torielli


President Elect, Section IV

Fellow José Matas


Treasurer, Section IV

Fellow Manfred Seidemann


Secretary-General and Councilman, Section IV

Fellow Tito Alday


Regent, Chilean (Host) District

Our Section’s membership was evaluated. Its numerical decline was thoroughly analyzed. Henceforth Section IV’s top priority is to increase its membership. All Districts have been encouraged to invite young, outstanding dentists to Fellowship. A different approach will be necessary to promptly organize a District in Venezuela ; this will be determined at the December Annual Board of Regents Meeting. New contacts have to be made to establish Districts in Bolivia and Colombia.

The financial situation thoroughly was reviewed. The 2004 Council request for a 100% increase of the present US$15 Capitation Fee was discussed. The Councilman was instructed to present a different proposal at the forthcoming Council Meeting in Taipei.

MAGAZINE I.C.D.-SECTION IV was evaluated. Fellow Carlos Velez explained the new South American Section’s web page (www.icdsudamerica.com). It was developed by the Peruvian District and replaces the former one. Its budget was approved.

Section IV’s current Continuing Education modality was appraised. President Vélez feels that South America has capable Lecturers who could share their expertise with our Districts; this would eliminate simultaneous translation and corresponding equipment. He proposed that financing should be secured for their transportation.

The Fellow-Academicians Exchange Program was analyzed. It is the Section’s most novel, attractive and challenging activity. So far only Peru and Chile have participated. The other Districts must become involved. Eventually there should be exchanges with other Sections.

Annual Regents Meeting ( Montevideo, Uruguay )

Friday, December 2, 2005

1. Continuing Education Seminar

Section IV Regents Meetings are traditionally accompanied by academic activities. The Uruguayan District organized a very interesting Seminar “Let us Also Share a Bit of Science…”. Fellow Mario Scarrone, from the Uruguayan District, created and conducted this fascinating activity. It consisted of three discussion panels. Each one had demonstrators, a moderator and a secretary. Consequently, different views were presented for each topic. The audience participated with questions and opinions. It was an excellent, high level four-hour academic event.

2. Biennial I.C.D. Uruguayan District Dental Research Award

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Dean and staff of the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay Dental school, governmental and national health authorities, and members of the Uruguayan District. Dr. Marcelo Kreiner, investigator and author of “Heterotopic Cranio-Facial Pain of Cardiac Origin”, was the recipient of this important award. Dr. Kreiner is a faculty member of the afore mentioned dental school.

3. Fellowship Orientation Program

During this compulsory Section IV activity Candidates received ample information concerning the College, history and philosophy. International Immediate Past President Ramon Castillo enthusiastically participated in the Program. He delivered a fine lecture describing the College, its worldwide mission and significance. Section President Velez described the Section and its history. Secretary Seidemann explained the College’s genesis and philosophy.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

1. XXIV Annual Board of Regents Meeting

The following officials attended the Meeting:

Ramon Castillo, Immediate ICD Past President; Carlos Velez, Section IV President; Carol Rosenberg, Section IV Immediate Past President; Alberto Torielli, Section IV President-Elect; Manfred Seidemann, Section IV Secretary General and Councilman; José Matas, Section IV Treasurer; Hugo Ronquillo, Section IV Historian and Peruvian District’s Representative; Ana Pereira, Argentinean District Regent; Lucia Mucha, Brazilian District’s Representative; Adriana Basili, Chilean District Vice Regent; Roberto Chavez, Ecuadorian District Regent; Ruben DiTore, Paraguayan District Regent; Isabel Jankielewicz, Uruguayan District Regent.

International Immediate Past President Ramon Castillo, in representation of I.C.D. President Lon D. Carroll, actively participated in the gathering. Section IV’s seven active Districts were represented. Fellows Jorge Paras and Manuel Farill, respectively, Mexican Section’s President and Immediate Past President, attended the Meeting. The following guests were greeted and introduced to the audience: Fellow María Elena, Vice-President Elect, Section IV; Master Fellow Walter Lieber, Past President, Section IV; Fellow Theresita Perdomo, Immediate Past President, Uruguayan District; Fellow Lylia Dáttoli, President Elect, Uruguayan District; Fellow Antonia Morey de López, Fellow Emeritus, Uruguayan District; Fellow Emilio Chifflet, Editor, Uruguayan District; Fellow Annabel Grassi, Secretary, Uruguayan District; Fellow Rosina Legani, Treasurer, Uruguayan District; Master Fellow Omar Olano, Past President, Uruguayan District.

Significant issues and proposals were discussed. Our Districts’ and Section’s activities, projects and plans were evaluated. Important motions were carried. Section IV’s membership was carefully evaluated and its decline was thoroughly analyzed. Projections were made for the future

The unbelievable situation in Venezuela was discussed. During the XXII Board of Regents Meeting, celebrated in Asuncion, Paraguay, on November 15, 2003, Dr. Valentina Páez, from Caracas, Venezuela, was inducted in absentia. She was charged to promptly organize a District in her country. Her Sponsors had also explained this major responsibility. She accepted the challenge. However, nothing has materialized nor has Dr. Páez paid her 2004 Capitation Fee. Section IV President Velez asked the Board of Regents to postpone a final decision until he contacts Dr. Páez. Soon a report should arrive.

The Board of Regents agreed that Section IV’s priority is to grow numerically, without compromising quality and high standards. Prominent, young, qualified dentists must be invited to Fellowship. Districts must be promptly established in Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. An interesting contact was made in Montevideo, which may lead to the formation of a District in Bolivia. Section IV’s Central Office has followed up this contact. Fifteen Candidates were approved for Fellowship.

The South American Section’s web page (www.icdsudamerica.org) was thoroughly analyzed; financing via advertisements was approved. The Peruvian District is its producer. To assure success all Districts must cooperate by furnishing interesting and timely information.

MAGAZINE I.C.D.- SECTION IV was examined. Section IV’s Editor and the Chilean District will continue producing it. The next issue will also appear on the South American web page (www.icdsudamerica.org). It was agreed that each District may print the issues it requires and procure commercial advertisements to finance its local production. The Editor and the Chilean District will send electronically the magazine to each District. The Chilean District will choose the Editorial Committee; it will also gather and select the articles for publication.

The “ICD Fellow-Academicians Exchange Program” was evaluated. It was agreed to form a data-bank of Dental Schools and Departments willing to accept Fellow-Academicians. So far three Districts are involved in this novel plan; namely, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. All Districts were urged to participate.

Our Section’s Continuing education Program was reviewed. Some Districts feel that South American Lecturers should be preferred because their courses would incur fewer expenses; i.e., simultaneous translation and corresponding equipment.

The South American Section’s history must be completed. All Districts must cooperate with the Historian and deliver whatever information is requested. This is an urgent task.

Annual Capitation Fees were raised US$ 15 to finance the dues increase approved at the 2005 Taipei International Council Meeting. It was agreed that “Active Members” are only those individuals who have paid their Capitation Fees. A Roster will be published on the Section’s web page with the names of “Active Fellows”. It is expected that the latter will encourage Fellows to promptly pay their Yearly Capitation Fees.

Between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2009 the Brazilian District will host Section IV’s Presidency and Vice Presidency. On January 1, 2006 the Brazilian District will select our Section’s President Elect and Vice President Elect. The new President Elect will serve his term of office between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2007.

The Board of Regents charged the Argentinean District to organize next year’s Regents Meeting. The XXV Board of Regents Meeting will take place in Mar del Plata, Argentina between November 9 and 11, 2006.

President Elect Alberto Torielli and Vice President Elect María Elena Barañano were confirmed as Section IV’s President and Vice President for 2006 and 2007. Their terms of office will be from January 1, 2006 till December 31, 2007.

2. Induction Ceremony and Exchange of Gavels

Fifteen new Fellows were inducted: four from the Argentinean District, three from Chile, one from Ecuador, two from Peru and five from Uruguay. It was an impressive Ceremony.

The Uruguayan District’s Outgoing President Isabel Jankielewicz opened the Ceremony. Councilman Manfred Seidemann read the Invocation. International Past President Ramón Castillo swore in the New Fellows. The Uruguayan District’s President Elect Lilya Dáttoli spoke a few becoming words. Section IV’s Retiring President Carlos Vélez delivered a farewell address. Uruguayan District’s Incoming President Alberto Torielli gave a thought provoking talk. International Immediate Past President Ramon Castillo was the Keynote Speaker; he closed the Ceremony with an excellent address.

Thus the Presidents of the Uruguayan District and the South American Section were installed. A string quartet graced this magnificent Ceremony. The evening ended with a Gala Dinner.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

1. Excursion to Punta del Este

A beautiful day was spent at Uruguay ‘s foremost resort. In a rented bus Uruguayan Fellows and Fellows attending the Meeting visited this charming city. Again the Uruguayan District went out of its way to show everybody a wonderful time. The Ralli Museum of Modern Art and the local market were visited. A wonderful lunch was enjoyed at a beautiful hotel. It is difficult to find appropriate words to describe our hosts’ friendliness and efficiency and the beauty of the resort-city.

Monday, December 5, 2005

1. Departure

All Fellows carried home wonderful memories of friendship and warm fraternal feelings. Surely those who attended the Meeting will now work much harder for our College. The true spirit of our International College of Dentists was reflected in the activities that took place in Uruguay. The XXIV South American Section Meeting was certainly “ICDship” at its very best!



A. I.C.D. Continuing Education Programs

The U.S.A. Section and the South American Section have formed a Continuing Education joint venture. The former works through The I.C.D. Fellow Richard Moulton Memorial Trust and the latter, via South American Districts. This arrangement provides high quality courses, delivered by excellent ICD-Volunteer Lecturers. The “Annual I.C.D. Fellow Richard Moulton Memorial Lectures” have contributed to an overall improvement in local continuing dental education courses along with more reasonable registration fees. Local dentists and dentistry as well as patients have greatly benefited from this unique I.C.D. modality.

On April 26, 2005 Fellow Theodore M. Roberson delivered in Lima, Peru the course “UPDATE IN CLINICAL OPERATIVE DENTISTRY: Facts versus Fiction”. On April 29th. he did the same in Santiago, Chile. Both 8-hour Courses were very interesting and successful academic activities. The Lectures were in English with simultaneous Spanish translation. Besides being a well prepared and attractive lecturer, Fellow Roberson is an excellent I.C.D. Ambassador.

B. F.I.C.D.-Academicians Exchange Program

In September 2003 the Chilean and Peruvian Districts initiated this activity by exchanging Fellow-Academicians. It was repeated in 2004. During 2005 the Districts Uruguay and Chile swapped Fellow-Academicians.

Its modus operandi is the following. The Host District secures for the visiting Fellow-Academician a 2-week stay at a pre-arranged Department of the local Dental School. It provides room, board and local transportation. The Sending District is responsible for its Fellow’s air transportation and medical insurance. During the same calendar year roles are reversed. The Host District becomes the Sending District and vice versa. Both Districts ascertain that their Fellow-Academicians have sufficient funds to cover private expenses.

At the beginning of each calendar year Districts interested in participating in the Exchange Program must inform Section IV’s Central Office the departments of Dental Schools that are agreeable to receiving Fellow-Academicians. All arrangements are made through the Section’s Secretary General. The F.I.C.D.-Academicians Exchange Program is the South American Section’s most successful, promising and exciting enterprise.



MAGAZINE I.C.D.-SECTION IV latest issue (Volume 11-12, Number 1) appeared in June 2005. Its 138 pages include an Editorial, a message by International President Ramón Castillo, Section IV information, and 13 articles.

Eighteen full-page advertisements finance its publication and distribution. The journal is published once a year. Its 4.500 issues are distributed cost-free to dentists, dental schools, and dental organizations. Most articles are C.E. vehicles. Section IV awards 2.5 C.E. credits for each article’s correctly answered questionnaire. Articles include Spanish, English and Portuguese abstracts. Brazilian Fellows Paulo Affonso de Freitas and Pericles Correa de Freitas do the Portuguese translation of the abstracts.

2. NEXO, Section IV’s web page (www.icdsudamerica.com)

The Peruvian District developed this e-page and is responsible for its edition and direction. South American Fellows must furnish interesting and updated information through their Districts. It will publish MAGAZINE I.C.D.-SECTION IV and the first two chapters of the Spanish I.C.D. Image Brochure.


At the 2004 International Council Meeting ( Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. ) the South American Section presented a Spanish translation of the “general international aspects” of the I.C.D. Image Brochure. The English I.C.D. Image Brochure was developed by Fellow Charles Siroky, from the USA Section.

At the 2005 International Council Meeting ( Taipei, Taiwan ) Section IV presented an enlarged Spanish document. It included, besides the above mentioned “general international aspects”, a description of the South American Section, and one sample District ( Chile ). The latter, to explain the Brochure’s possibilities.

The idea behind the amplified Spanish draft is that each District may produce and print its own Brochure. Thus the Booklet would have an “international”, a “regional” and a “local” component. The first two chapters of the Spanish language Booklet will be published in Section IV’s web page (www.icdsudamerica.com).


In July 2005 the I.C.D. Central Office shipped GLOBE-2004 directly to all Section IV Regents. They were requested to distribute the publication among their Districts’ Fellows. On October 24, 2005 the I.C.D. Central Office sent GLOBE-2005 to Section’s IV Central Office, in Chile. The magazines were hand-carried to Montevideo, Uruguay and distributed among the Regents.

Section IV firmly supports GLOBE and is convinced that it should be revenue-neutral. The South American Section is cooperating in this regard and has secured a sponsor for GLOBE-2006, who has contracted a full-page advertisement.

GLOBE is a good vehicle to inform our members about their College. It acquaints Fellows with other Sections and I.C.D. leadership. Consequently, it establishes nearness with the College. Not everybody is “internet literate”, but everyone enjoys browsing a periodical. GLOBE fortifies South American Fellows.


– Creation of I.C.D. Districts in Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela

– Growth through the incorporation of younger, highly qualified dentists

– Section IV’s history

– Development of community oriented I.C.D. humanitarian programs

– Preparation of a Section IV Social Dental Project for Underprivileged People

– Promotion of F.I.C.D. – Academicians Exchange Program.


Our International College of Dentists is a model of an institution that brings together dentists from different cultural, ethnic, religious, racial, social, national and regional backgrounds. Our College promotes understanding and goodwill as well as professionalism and academic pride. Our I.C.D. and “ICDship” significantly contribute towards humanism and self-respect as well as the elimination of cultural and national barriers and prejudices.


Section IV’s Continuing Dental Education Program has made significant contributions to the advancement of Dentistry in this part of the world. In great measure this has been accomplished with the generous support rendered by the “The I.C.D. Fellow Richard Moulton Memorial Trust”. Herewith the South American Section wishes to express its deepest appreciation and recognition to the Moulton Trust as well as its Trustees, Fellows Leon Aronson, Donald Johnson and Richard Shaffer. Section IV is most grateful to the outstanding ICD Lecturers who so generously donate their expertise and time to the “Yearly I.C.D. Fellow Richard Moulton Lectures Program”. The outstanding work performed by the Moulton Trust, Moulton Lecturers and South American Fellows have turned Section IV’s Continuing Education Program into a beacon that shines knowledge and goodwill throughout South America.