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Office of the ICD World Headquarters

The ICD World Headquarters is virtual and consists of remote team members working all over the world. The ICD World Headquarters conducts the daily business and affairs of the College and is representative of the International Council. The ICD World Headquarters staff consists of the Secretary General, the Director of Communications, the Director of Development, the Director of Operations and the Communications Specialist, who are all available to assist ICD Leaders and Fellows. The ICD Operations Center is located in Flint, Michigan, USA. 
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     International Council

The International Council is ICD’s signature institution and umbrella organization for the world wide membership and Sections. In the Council, the true international nature of ICD is evident. The 40 members of The Council include the International Officers and Councilors who represent ICD’s Sections and Regions in 122 countries around the world. The International Council meets annually to set policy directives for The College worldwide. They direct the growth and the spread of influence of ICD globally. The Secretary General and staff of the ICD World Headquarters are responsible for implementing the directives and policies of The Council.
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The day to day operation of the International College of Dentists is conducted by the various Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, working in concert with the ICD World Headquarters, under the direction of the Executive Committee as stipulated in the Bylaws of the College.
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