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Mission Statement: The International College of Dentists’ Global Visionary Fund supports and funds humanitarian and educational oral health care programs and initiatives around the world, especially in developing communities where the needs are greatest.


The ICD Global Visionary Fund (GVF)  is a tax-advantaged (IRS 501c3) charitable fund created by the Council for the purpose of collecting and distributing monies in support of initiatives in dental education and humanitarian oral health care. In time, the Fund will allow the Council to respond to requests from ICD Fellows and other volunteers for financial assistance with their charitable works around the world, especially those of the ICD Regions. We hope that you can find room in your charitable gifting to include the ICD Global Visionary Fund. Together we can accomplish great things.   

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MAJOR GRANT RECEIVED FROM HENRY SCHEIN CARES The International College of Dentists’ (ICD) Global Visionary Fund received $3.6 million worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) from Henry Schein Cares, the global corporate social responsibility program of Henry Schein, Inc. The College is facilitating the disbursement of PPE to charitable projects and humanitarian missions around the world. The gloves, face shields, hand sanitizers, isolation gowns, thermometers and coveralls are essential materials that will allow oral health care to be safely delivered to underserved and struggling individuals and communities.


Global Visionary Fund Board of Directors

Philip Dowell


Ho Youl Chang



Keith Suchy


Mauro Labanca


Miguel Pavao



Margot Culotta-Norton



Hsin-Cheng Liu




GVF Personnel

Joseph Kenneally, Executive Director

Chelsea Segren, Director of Global Operations

S. Dov Sydney, Director of Global Communications

Crystal Demps, Executive Assistant


Global Visionary Fund Grants Review Committee

Antonio Bello, Chair – Mexico

Christine Benoit – USA

Ian Doyle – Canada

Peter Korch – USA

Anil Kohli – India

Argirios Pissiotis – Europe

Clive Ross – New Zealand


For more information on the GVF, download our brochure.    


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September 2021


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