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T H E G LO B E 201 6CO U N CI L LEADERSHIP AGENDA The new governance plan was adopted by the Executive Committee EC and put into effect following President Phillip Dowells presentation and discussions during the International Council meeting in Dublin last fall. The following is a summary of the main areas of responsibility. International Council Responsibilities The International Council will meet annually to set policy directives and approve where required actions taken on its behalf as well as direct the global College towards increasing growthandspreadingICDinfluencebyadheringtothefollowing Adopt an efficient and proactive approach to ICD Governance Review ICD Bylaws and make revisions where indicated Adopt performance standards for Sections and Councilors Ensure a symbiotic Council - Section relationship Section Responsibilities The chief responsibility of the Section is to effectively administer a country or group of countries within the ICD through the leadership of its officers and board of regents supported by the International Council and EC. In addition to Identify and nominate all deservingqualified candidates Conduct at least one induction ceremony per annum Organize regular ICD humanitarian educational activities Elect Councilors fully committed to Council activities Designate a Section Communication Officer Sponsor events that encourage collegiality and provide value Elect officers and Councilors with prescribed terms of office Maintain size commensurate with areas dentist population Executive Committee Responsibilities The Executive Committee EC is responsible to engage Section leadership and ensure their responsibilities are being fulfilled while providing oversight and accountability for compliance and remedies as needed in the application of the principals of ICD governance. In order for the EC to effectively meet its responsibilities the Secretary General SG will provide the EC with regular updates on Section activities elaborating on any areas of concern and provide suggested remedies. The EC may authorize recommendations initiatives and any emergent requests of the SG. ICD Sponsoring and Fundraising Sponsorship from international corporations and organizations has increased as ICD becomes more involved in global educational and humanitarian projects. In order to avoid the confusion from having our supporters receive multiple requests the College Office will coordinate information and contacts with sponsors and donors keeping all parties informed of activities regarding current and potential supporters throughout the world. To assist the College to more efficiently manage these global initiatives ICD Sections Regions or Fellows seeking funds from or to establish a relationship with international entities will need to coordinate their plans with the College Office. N EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IN SESSION In January the international ofcers of the ICD met in London for two days and discussed the full range of College issues and initiatives. EW ICD GOVERNANCE PLAN Major changes will impact every Section and Fellow 9Journal of the International College of Dentists