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continuing education programming by 20 speakers ICD leadership meetings commercial displays and an ICD Initiation Ceremony for new Fellows followed by a gala dinner. It took place from March 11-13 2016 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Regents from the Asian ICD Regions sent candidates to this central ceremony rather than staging their own events. ICD Fellows everywhere were urged to attend this ICD Asia Congress and will be in the future. In a separate action Councilor How and the Regents of ICD Section XX Asia Pacific have petitioned the International Council to reorganize and be granted ICD Section status. They are presently doing the due diligence required such as Bylaws and business plan developments. It is not known whether they will be successful but one thing is known for sure the College has never before seen the likes of their enthusiasm and determination as a start-up group of Fellows and volunteers. Their efforts have been effective. Dentists have sought Fellowship and lapsed Fellows have sought reinstatement in order to be part of this exciting new activity for the ICD in the Asia Pacific Regions. It Takes a Team All Fellows are asked to assist with the international growth and development of the College by providing information regarding contacts they may have with dentists who qualify for ICD fellowship elsewhere in the world. We can all be encouraged and be inspired by the stories and efforts of the ICD Fellows included in this report. You are needed by them to join the ICD team. ICD international development is coordinated through the College Office by Secretary General Jack Hinterman and College Office Manager Chelsea White. Together we can do this. Contact us at office or call us at 1810820-3087. ICD Region 24 Thrives Despite Chaotic Environment Regent Arshad Malik exceeds all expectations of what is possible in an extremely challenging environment. As the ICD Regent in Pakistan since 2014 he has energetically organized ICD establishing a permanent office convening meetings organizing humanitarian projects and nominating over 30 candidates for fellowship. He is also Editor for Section XX Asia Pacific. Regent Malik is a professor of oral surgery at Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad. Regent Maliks progress does not seem possible when his 2015 annual report to the College Office described hardships faced by dentists in Region 24 The dental surgeons economic condition in the Region 24 has deteriorated due to constant terrorism by Taliban Al-Qaida and recently by ISIS in streets shopping malls and mosques and no clinic is safe especially in Afghanistan. The maximum talented dental surgeons have migrated themselves to safe places leaving their clinics and joining dental colleges at low salary or they left the country. My Fellows are very energetic and are potential assets for me and the ICD. There is another challenge for the dental profession in Region 24 there are 40000 Quacks which are untrained unregulated individuals performing dental procedures in the streets or storefronts. ICD ASIA PACIFIC CONFERENCE Section Regents leaders and Fellows come together to celebrate the rst ICD Asia Pacic Congress and Trade Show in March of 2 in Kuala Lumpur. Left Regent Patel Secretary General Hinterman and Regent Malik Middle ewly-inducted Fellows of Asia Pacic Right Regent John Ling 3rd from left stands with new Fellows of Hong Kong. TEAMWORK Secretary General Hinterman and College Ofce Manager White. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 6 Section Reports REGIONS