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of 12 new Fellows for the initiation and charter ceremony in January and has created a newsletter for the Region. The 2016 International President Elect Rajesh Chandna assisted with the organization and presided over the ceremony. ICD Bangladesh will be hosted by the Pioneer Dental School as its center of future operations. Region 24 Afghanistan Pakistan A long period of ill health which resulted in the eventual retirement of Former Regent M.A. Soofi in 2014 was a time of inactivity and decline in ICD Region 24. Fellow Arshad Malik of Pakistan stepped forward to lead as Regent. Regent Malik is off to an outstanding start as a leader and activist for ICD in Pakistan and throughout Section XX Asia. Despite dire economic and civil circumstances in Pakistan he has nominated an inaugural class of more than 30 Fellows for initiation in 2016. Due to the uncertainty and disorder that presently exists in Pakistan many of these will travel to Malaysia for their ICD initiation. Considering the great challenges faced by dentists living and practicing in this part of the world Regent Maliks accomplishments deserve high praise. Region 50-at-Large The ICD Region 50-at-Large was established for Fellows who do not belong to other Sections or Regions of the College. The traditional and preferred pathway to Fellowship by entry through a Section or a Region does not always work because of circumstances faced by some qualified candidates. Region 50-at-Large may be seen as a safety net for Fellows who do not fit into the College structure elsewhere. An example would be the several immigrants from Colombia now living in other nations who were initiated as ICD Fellows in a ceremony in New York in December of 2015. Immigrants are not well known in their new country so as to be invited to Fellowship. Russia the Most Formidable Challenge of Our Time The International Council and Section V Europe are collaborating as an ICD Task Force in efforts to establish the College in Russia. Contacting both individual dentists in Russia as well as representatives of Russian dental associations the process is slow and methodical. Barriers to success include language cultural considerations and bleak economic conditions. Fellow Ljubo Marion of Slovenia and Kate Fabrikant of Geneva are well located Fellows on the team and have made important contacts. With time and patience success will come. NOTE Fellows around the world with contacts in Russia or suggestions for the Russia Task Force are asked to assist in this effort by contacting ICD Asia Pacific Annual Congress and Trade Show ICD Section XX Asia Councilor Kim Chuan How believes the expansion and revitalization of the College in Asia will be facilitated by Fellows and leaders of ICD Regions in Asia collaborating on a major project the ICD Asia Pacific Annual Congress and Trade Show now in its second year. This is becoming a major event and has been officially recognized by the Malaysian Government. It featured three days of SAFETY NET FOR FELLOWS Region -at-Large may be seen as a safety net for Fellows who do not t into the College structure elsewhere. A recent example is the induction of several immigrants from Colombia. ICD Secretary General Hinterman far left with the newly-elected Colombian natives currently living in other nations during a special ceremony last December in ew ork City USA. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 5 Section Reports REGIONS