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Registrar John V. Hinterman 2016 Officers Registrar John V. Hinterman Regents John Yu Kong Ling Hong Kong Tin Cock Phua Singapore Hamid Adeli-Nadjafi Iran Ngo Thi Quynh Lan Vietnam Christopher Ogunsalu Jamaica Kim Chuan How Malaysia Toks Abiose Nigeria Pankaj Patel Kenya Prathip Phantumvanit Thailand Arshad Mahmood Malik Pakistan Md. Jahangir Kabir Bangladesh John V. Hinterman Registrar Registrars Report Teamwork and patience are the key ingredients resulting in the creation or revitalization of several ICD Regions during the past year. In most instances this remarkable period of College development actually started years ago by ICD Fellows who later handed the challenge over to others for eventual success. In the first quarter of 2016 four new Regions were scheduled to received their official ICD Charter install a leader as Regent and initiate new Fellows. This report is about these events and other related developments that impact the growth and development of ICD Section XX Regions. Region 29 Egypt Sudan Efforts to establish the College in Egypt were initiated in 2011 by the then International President Manfred Seidemann working in collaboration with Fellows from Section X Middle East Councilor Cedric Haddad and Registrar Nadim AbouJaoude. Their efforts were suspended while awaiting peace to return to that nation. In 2015 the International Council appointed Dr. Pankaj Patel of Kenya as the Councilor for Africa. Starting with the list of original candidates Councilor Patel has expanded the class and identified leaders. He has organized a grand inaugural Initiation Ceremony for 35 new Fellows from Alexandria and Cairo scheduled to take place in Alexandria in March of 2016. Region 27 South Africa The most recent efforts to establish the College in South Africa occurred in 2013 guided by the then International President Leon Aronson. Although there were a few ICD Fellows in South Africa establishing an operational ICD Region is another matter. These efforts were pickedup again by 2016 International President Phillip Dowell during meetings in 2015 with Professor Yusuf Osman Dean of the Dental Faculty at the University of the Western Cape. Professor Osman President Dowell and Councilor Patel have nominated a class of 15 new Fellows for initiation in Cape Town in February of 2016. President Dowell will return to South Africa to preside. The Dental Faculty will host the new Region and be the center of ongoing operations. Region 41 Bangladesh Previously joined with Pakistan and Afghanistan as ICD Region 24 Bangladesh had few Fellows and no activities. Therefore it was separated to be the new ICD Region 41 in 2015 by the International Council. With the retirement of long time Regent M.A. Soofi of Pakistan Fellow Md. Jahangir Kabir stepped forward to lead the new Region in Bangladesh. He nominated a class Regent Kabir Prof. Yusuf Osman left meets with ICD President Dowell in 2 to discuss the future of ICD South Africa. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 6 4 Section XX REGIONS