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Induction Ceremony In the afternoon of May 8th ICD Section XIII held its induction ceremony at the international conference center in Chengdu. This event was honored by the presence of Dr. Phillip Dowell President-Elect of the College and Fellow Prof. Raghu Puttaiah from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Section XIII President Prof. Zhou Xuedong addressed a welcome speech to the new Fellows for joining the warm family of ICD. Registrar Prof. Chen Qianming served as the ceremony emcee. Fellow Prof. Zhou Nuo also honored us by attending the event as a representative of Chinese Stomatological Association CSA. This year we had 42 new Fellows inducted. LR Section XIII President Prof. Zhou uedong Prof. hou uo ICD President Elect Phillip Dowell Prof. Raghu Puttaiah and Section XIII Registrar Prof. Chen Qianming. They bestowed each Fellow-elect with the ICD certicate key and lapel pin. rofessor Dowell introduced the history of CD to the new inductees in the afternoon of ay th at the be innin of the induction ceremony. Fellow a hu uttaiah presented on dental safety control. fter the lecture rofessor uttaiah answered questions raised by the audience. Academic Meeting International Symposium on Dental Safety Control Section XIII financed the international symposium on dental safety control in the morning of May 8th . Fellow Prof. Raghu Puttaiah gave a comprehensive three-hour speech focusing on the topic of dental safety control. He introduced the concept of infection control as well as its history of development in solid detail. Then he discussed the various aspects with regard to infection control measures in dental practice as well as his own experiences. The speech itself was so inspiring that when it entered the discussion session a number of questions had been raised by the audience and were followed by keen debates. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 61 Section Reports CH INA