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Registrars Note Byung Kee Choi Warm greetings from Seoul. Last June and July were difficult months in Korea with the sudden outbreak of the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome MERS epidemic. It taught us how vulnerable we are despite the innumerable advances we have made in the medical and public health technologies. Outbreak has shed light on our weaknesses in our healthcare system in particular to emergency room practices and infection control. We also learned that patient hospital usage behaviour was one of the culprits in spreading the disease. My dental practice experienced a 60 percent decrease in patient visits during the two months of crisis but now things are better. I wish you all well. Cheers. Section Reports KOREA members were able to recognize the academics relation to humanities in dentistry and the importance of communicating with the society as well as social responsibilities as dentists. Our Korean dental community saw many leaps and bounds in promoting better public oral health particular to a smoking cessation campaign. But there are many unsolved issues left for the next year. We struggle with how best to resolve dental specialty issues. The ICD Korea Section signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with the Korean Dental Health Association KDHA enabling Section XI to use KDHAs public oral health educational materials in countries where public oral health WELCOMING NEW FELLOWS The 2 induction ceremony held at J.W. Marriott where new members were inducted. International President Joseph R. Kenneally and his wife ICD Fellow Lisa Howard are seated in the middle. services are only available by many non-governmental organizations. ICD will help to translate and disseminate the educational materials. Republics of Karakalpakstan Mongolia and Cambodia are some of the countries in the works. I am so delighted to welcome 25 new ICD members. We have had two induction ceremonies since I last wrote. We were joined by 11 new members in our winter meeting in December. During our induction ceremony in May we were honoured to have 14 new members initiated. I congratulate new members and ask their active participation. I wish you all health and happiness. Cheers. Advisory members of Section XI Korea Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 7