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Section Reports MI DDLE EAST Registrars Report Nadim AbouJaoude The Middle East Section is forcing its way despite the challenges it is facing in its Districts and countries. District 1 which is comprised of Lebanon Syria Jordan and Iraq is facing many difficulties due to the political situations that are reflecting all levels of daily life. Iraq with its unstable climate and Syria with its explosive situation shed their weight on Lebanon and Jordan. Refugees have overwhelmed Lebanon and Jordan to a point where there is at least one refugee for every three citizens. The amount of help needed exceeds the possibilities of the governments of the hosting countries. The consumption of food and the levels of gas electricity and petroleum which are all mainly subsidized by the government have increased. The sudden increase of the population in Lebanon and Jordan has generated more work for the infrastructure water sewers and trash which cannot be managed by the state. War injuries and medical help are flooding the hospitals and clinics and support is much needed for these unfortunate patients. The inflow of refugees took a toll on the dentists daily practices where many come seeking help. The dentists find themselves solicited by patients in need of medical and financial support let alone the competition dentists have from their displaced colleagues challenging the countrys laws for medical practice. With all these issues under consideration one would imagine the tremendous tasks laid on the Section in trying to organize activities and maintain pace at all levels. We will pursue our dream in serving the community where there are opportunities and hope for a better future. Participating audience members during the Section District Meeting at the Riveriera Hotel in Beirut Lebanon. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 5 incoming president for 2016-2018 and the new officers for Section X and I am confident they will skillfully guide our continued development we are in good hands Continuing Education In line with contributing to the continuing education in Lebanon District 1 has carried on with its study club program. Two such programs were held this year. The first study club on April 23rd had two Fellows as speakers Nada Chedid who discussed pediatric dental management of hemophiliac patients and Elia Sfeir who described the use of implant-retained overdentures for children with oligodontia or anodontia. The second study club featured two non- dental speakers Dr. Ghassan Kanazi who spoke on dental pain management and Mr. Samir Zehil who gave a talk entitled The Mental Candy Program. The District 1 CE program culminated with an event on October 31 which had a series of lectures given by Fellows and workshops. The theme was Digital Technologies in Modern Dental Practice. The Section X annual meeting took place in Dubai at the Jumeira Beach Hotel convention center on November 14 2015. As part of the CAPP meeting a half day CE meeting grouped Fellows from the Emirates Pakistan USA and Lebanon. This was followed by an induction ceremony for five new Fellows into Section X and one inductee from Libya into Section XX. A note of pride for Section X was the honoring of Section X Past President Nabil Barakat as the first professional in the Pioneers of Dentistry Series on February 28 organized by the Division of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics of the American University of Beirut Medical Center and the Lebanese Association for Dentofacial Research. Additionally several Fellows of Section X are volunteer faculty members of the Dentofacial Program.