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The Section annual meeting and initiation ceremony in Dubai ov. . Front LR Section Ofcers Emtiyaz Turkistani Cedric Haddad Georges Tawil Ali Al Ehaideb Aisha Sultan Riad Bacho adim AbouJaoude Back LR ew Fellows Juma ALKhabuli abil Alsabeeha Mohamad Koleilat Arjumand Kabli Samar Alhayek Dina Debaybo. Above Section President Ali Al Ehaideb addresses the convocation during the Sections annual initiation ceremony. Right Section Fellow Jihad Abdallah was the moderator of the District Meeting in Beirut Lebanon. Guest speaker Andrea Gondol left from the University of Bologna gave a presentation. Section Reports USA Journal of the International College of Dentists5 4 THE GLOBE 2016 President Ali Al Ehaideb 2016 Officers President Ali Al Ehaideb President Elect Georges Tawil Vice President Aisha Sultan Treasurer Ibrahim Nasseh Registrar Nadim AbouJaoude Deputy Treasurer Zouheir Salamoun Regent D1 Andre Sacy Regent D2 Emtiyaz Turkistani Editor Cedric Haddad Presidents Greeting Ali Al Ehaideb Iextend my warm welcome to the International College of Dentists A year ago you elected me as the 14th president of the prestigious ICD Section X Middle East. You gave me the mandate to lead and build on the solid foundation that has been laid by the respected past presidents. You made my job easier by electing other capable officers you believed will serve this association diligently and selflessly during the two-year term. I am delighted to say that so far they have lived up to your expectations. I wish to express sincere thanks to our executive officers for their commitment and dedicated services to our organization during the past year. For more than a year of leadership with more than 100 members it takes pride that our mission is being achieved as we are continuously expanding. Optimistically we will meet the target of having more than 120 active members by 2020. The leadership of each member country could greatly help by recruiting deserving members to be Fellows in order for us to meet the growth of the Section. With this growth we can implement what has been approved in the ambitious strategic plan the Council approved during their meeting in Dublin last October which focuses on the College finances public service and humanitarian projects. I would also like to commend the current officers for successfully conducting several annual meetings during our term including the recently concluded 25th Annual Meeting which gave us the opportunity to share and update the knowledge on dentistry. I must say that our finances are doing fine not to mention the up-to-date membership dues. With this we need your input and concerted efforts to turn things around for the better so that we can work towards reaching our goal one goal in mind to do whatever you can to vigorously advance the aspirations and objectives of this fellowship. We need to see a practical demonstration of your collective support and cooperation. This support is very much needed by Dr. George Tawil new Section X MI DDLE EAST