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Journal of the International College of Dentists 5 1 THE GLOBE 2016 Editor Elizabeth Carrasco Presidents Greeting Vivian Gabaldon Being a Fellow of the International College of Dentists ICD is a privilege. The recognition given by colleagues from an elite group is an honor. The responsibility of the president of a very prestigious organization is a challenge that can be conquered by Fellows common goals of service and leadership. All ICD Fellows are leaders and have been honored for their achievements. ICD is fortunate to have many distinguished Fellows who have shown countless accomplishments professionally locally and internationally. May each Fellow commit and give back to dentistry through the projects and President Vivian Gabaldon 2016 Officers President Vivian Gabaldon President Elect Bgen Reynaldo C. Torres Vice President Ma. Liza C. Centeno Secretary Aimee J. Yang-Co Treasurer Gladys Tong-so Past President Elaine P. Del Rosario Editor Elizabeth C. Carrasco Directors Armin G. Segarra Fidel S. Bondoc Auditor Leticia G. Salvador Public Relations Preciosa L. Tanagon endeavors of Section IX. The 2016 officers committees and I hope to fulfill the duties entrusted to us by the Fellows of the Philippines Section. Congratulations to our new Honorary Fellow. Welcome new Fellows and may you remain faithful to the motto and mission of the College and continue to uphold its goals and objectives. You are the next generation of leaders to hold the torch of leadership and the responsibility. To all the Fellows and partners of the Section IX I wish you well and may we remain steadfast in our fellowship for the betterment of dentistry and humanity. A Message from Our Past President Elaine Margaret P. Del Rosario 2015 President Opportunities to serve and improve peoples lives are abundant. Thank you to organizations like the ICD for being the driving force. ICDs strength is its membership. Because of its varied affiliations and abilities collaboration with other groups is easy and brings forth greater service. We have projects focused on prevailing needs of our environment society profession and the academe. Looking through The Globe one can see what is in the hearts of Fellows. The smiles in the faces of the benefactors are a testament that there is unfathomable joy in service. To quote volunteers are not necessarily those who have the time but the heart. This was the banner year of our ICD-Gawad Kalinga partnership in Batac Bataan. With the construction of the first 10 houses and tree planting Section IX PH I LI PPINES activity through our dental and community outreach we have made the Gawad Kalinga beneficiaries feel we will always be here for them. The value of dental education and our educators cannot be undermined. They will determine the future of dental services and dental professionals of our country. This year we collaborated with The Endodontic Society of the Philippines and organized the Endodontic Faculty Congress with the objective of standardizing the teaching of endodontics. We also awarded scholarships to three deserving dental students. Furthermore to initiate the ICD spirit among our future dentists we will conduct the Student Leadership Seminar in November. In October we had a community service activity in Taguig City.