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Election of International Vice President It is with great pleasure that we announce Clive Ross was elected as International Vice President for 201516 at the annual Council meeting in October 2015 in Ireland a first for New Zealand and we offer him our sincerest congratulations on this prestigious appointment. Clive has served as the International Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 5 0 Treasurer on the Council since 2010. He is the first Fellow from New Zealand elected to a position on the Council Executive and the first Section VIII Fellow to serve as International Treasurer. When Clive becomes ICD President in 2018 he will be the third Section VIII Fellow to serve as International President. In 1978 Gordon Rowell CBE became the first Section VIII Fellow elected to the position of ICD President and Sydenham Dobbin AM was the second in 2000. Section Reports AUSTRALASIA Oral Health Projects Section VIII is currently supporting a number of projects throughout the region. Fellows have been extremely generous with donations with almost 12000 received in the last year. Reports on the progress of the projects are printed in Section VIII newsletters which can be viewed on our website. Regular reporting to our Fellows has seen a rise in donations and the number of Fellows volunteering to join teams in the field. Funding for projects is considered by the Board annually with each applicant submitting a Grant Application Form prepared by the Section. The following ongoing projects received financial support in the last financial year Australasia Kimberley Dental Team provides oral health care to remote indigenous communities and other vulnerable communities in Western Australia John Owen Community Outreach Dental Program Free dental service to homeless people in Adelaide South Australia. University of Adelaide Australian Dental Research Foundation provides a grant to support a researcher in Australia to undertake an oral health project. Ian Meyers New Zealand Dental Association Research Board provides a grant to support a researcher in New Zealand to undertake an oral health project Pacific Smiles for the Pacific Dental Program in Fiji a volunteer clinic providing training and oral health care for the community in Lautoka Viti Levu. Jonathan Cole Betel Nut Campaign Papua New Guinea to raise awareness of the relationship between betel nut chewing and oral cancer John McIntyre Cambodia Cambodia Smile Project a study to determine the effectiveness of a community-based program to reduce dental caries experience in children Callum Durward MLop Patang Program providing oral health care to street children and their families Petrina Bowden Nepal Village School Program providing a school and community preventive oral health program based on poor and marginalised rural communities Sandra Meihubers Timor Leste Marouba Outreach Program assisting in the training and mentoring of dental therapists and providing treatment to the rural Timorese populations Callum Durward David Sheen Vietnam Long Tan Preschool Children Oral Health Education providing treatment to the children of Long Tan and other kindergartens and orphanages in the area Colin Twelftree The Board has also approved the purchase of a generator for Project Yeti in Nepal which provides care to the underprivileged in Kathmandu George Manos and to assist a team to perform complex oral maxillary surgery and teach oral surgery skills in Vietnam Michael Schenberg Clives involvement within ICD is but one of many areas within dentistry that he has served the profession. His contribution to dentistry is immense and has seen him awarded the national honour -Companion New Zealand Order of Merit. He is Past President of the FDI World Dental Federation Past Chairman and Honorary Life Member of the New Zealand Dental Association Board and a past Chairman of the Dental Council of New Zealand. ewly-elected Vice President Ross.