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SPECIAL LECTURE Dr. Hisako Saito speaks on the role of dentists in legal medicine and Disaster Victim Identication DVI. ENTERTAINMENT Sir Shichikou Sakuragawa performs classical Japanese Houkan after the Section VII ear-End Meeting. Tokyo. It was entitled Urgent Proposal Dreaming of the future of Dentistry Firstly Dr. Akira Chiba a professor at the School of Dentistry at Aichi Gakuin University coordinated this meeting and gave a speech entitled What is the target of coordinators In his speech he talked about the achievement and future needs of the 8020 movement which is a dentistry slogan the Japanese movement for everyone to keep 20 teeth up to the age of 80. Secondly Dr. Takashi Miyazaki General Manager at Showa University gave a speech entitled Fulfilling Team Medical Education and Implementation of the Latest Dentistry Research. His presentation was interesting and covered a wide range of topics including the framework of ministries living tissues and materials and education. Thirdly Dr. Toshikazu Yasui President of Meikai University gave his speech called Changes in Society and Dental Medicine Dental Care. He pointed out the actual status and the role of the dental college based on the changing population as well as its future. Finally Dr. Tetsuo Iizuka honorary Director at the Oral Research Clinic talked about Dreaming of the future of the dentistry. He gave a rousing speech on the ideas shared between dentists and doctors and its history in the U.S. Each lecture was followed by a panel discussion. Year-End Meeting Year-end meeting of ICD Japan Section was held at the Imperial Hotel. with 123 attendees. Families and guests were also invited. The Imperial Hotel was decorated with Christmas ornaments and all were dressed up to celebrate the behind countries overseas in the uses of the DVI system and needs to be improved. Dr. Saito spoke about cases of child abuse by highlighting incidences of neglect. Party Entertainment For entertainment Ms. Yumi Negoro and Mr. Yoshihiko Ishizaka were invited to give a violin and piano performance. In honor of the International President from the U.S. the duo played a song by Elvis Presley. Winter Scientific Meeting The 45th ICD Japan Section Winter Academic Meeting was held at Kudan Hall which belongs to the Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 47 From the Editor Setsuya Suzuki The journal of the 2015 ICD Japan Section will be published and include academic essays. We also published a report about Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura Dec. 10 1881 Feb. 4 1959 who was one of the founders of the Japan Section. It records his great achievements in ICD history and the record of his family members. Section Reports JAPAN joy of Christmas and the coming new year. Mr. Tetsuya Kobayashi president of the Imperial Hotel gave us a special lecture about the history of the Imperial Hotel. which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright After the lecture there was a cocktail party held followed by a performance. This time it was a classical Japanese dance and talk performance so-called HOUKAN Apple-polisher by Sir Shichikou Sakuragawa.