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Editor R.C. Kakar Presidents Greeting S.M. Balaji It gives me an immense pleasure to be heading a Section of this century old highly regarded and reputed dental collegium that plays a vital role in determining the way dentistry is being portrayed. In this process we have been quite successful in developing a life-long bond with fraternity brethren improvising oral and systemic health and relieving of the concerns of smile and pain of the public. Together the society serves the public itself and advances the science of dentistry with every dawn Hopefully during my tenure as the President of this Section of ICD I can meaningfully contribute to the growth and development of the Section and fulfill its goal and mission. Wishing all a productive and blessed year ahead Community Health Programs Past President Dr. Kumarswamy announced an initiative Bring Back the Smile which provides free dentures to at least 1000 beneficiaries free of cost. Many Fellows and institutions have pledged for this program. We expect to cross the proposed figure of 1000 dentures by the end of the 2015. World Oral Health Day Celebration Section VI collaborated with I.T.S. CDSR Dental College Muradnagar Ghaziabad for an excellent humanitarian project called Free Denture Camp which was organized by Master Fellow and Regent Dr. Hari Parkash. One hundred free complete dentures were distributed to the poor and underprivileged people. Vice President Dr. Rajesh Chandna was the Chief Guest. Seema Dental College Hospital Rishikesh organized a dental check-up President S.M. Balaji 2016 Officers President S.M. Balaji President Elect Rajesh Chandna Secretary Genl Emeritus J.C. Chandna Past President A. Kumarswamy Registrar Secretary Rajiv K. Chugh Vice President O.P. Kharbanda Treasurer K.K. Chopra Deputy Secretary Yogesh Virmani Assistant Secretary Vineeta Chugh Business Manager R.K. Bali Chief Editor Mahesh Verma Scientific Editor Pradip Jayna Chairman CDE A. Kumarswamy and treatment camp for the inmates of District Jail Roshanabaad Haridwar. A successful dental camp was organized on No Tobacco Day by Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre Moradabad. A dental check- up provided a screening of the vast population and tobacco users were identified. These patients were given free counselling on the hazardous effects of tobacco by the means of diagrammatic representations and videos. A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma was also detected. ICD Fellows Rajeev Lall Saurav Purbay Anshu Sahu Amit Ram along with Dr. Udeep Lalf of the Eastern zone of Section VI organized a mega dental health check-up camp along with the Lions Club Premium of Ranchi Jharkhand. Walk for Healthy Teeth Smile consisted of a drawing competition slogan and short story competition organized in Durgapur City. A free medical and dental check- up camp was organised by Fellows of Jharkhand and Bihar in association with Rotary Club of Dhanbad at Tundi Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 42 Section VI INDIA SRI LANKA NEPAL www.dentistindia.comicd