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Bra- zilian Proj- ects tients Care together with the Paulia Chilean Projects Chile shows proudly its two new Maer Fellows Doctors Jos Matas Colom and Ral Corvaln Bucher. Programs of Continuing Training have continued t President Corrado Paganelli 2016 Officers President Corrado Paganelli President Elect Shelagh Farrell Vice President Christian Robin Past President Tom Feeney Registrar Argirios Pissiotis Treasurer Hendrik Donker Editor Walter J. van Driel Section V EUROPE Editor Walter J. van Driel Presidents Greeting Corrado Paganelli It is a great honour and a pleasure to welcome you all to 2016 Milan 61st annual meeting of the European Section of the International College of Dentists. The whole world knows Italy as the cradle of art and good food the traditions that blend with the pleasures and enjoyment of life the same traditions that are our strength and our engine. On this background we are building a meeting where the moments of pleasure will interact with those of learning science and opportunities. A conference that is open to Fellows and non-Fellows. A symposium to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons. For this we have selected a scientific program perhaps a bit unusual but in our opinion worthy of your interest. Considering we are a College of scientific cultural and professional specialties we have created a scientific day that would provide each something new and interesting. We have selected those who can help us improve not only as dentists but as human beings and professionals experts who are able to develop skills that have remained dormant. The background of this revolutionary and at the same time traditional meeting is worthy of the most beautiful and dreamed Italy of great museums and dolce vita where beauty blends with tradition and the colours have the taste of great memories and good food. It is with great fervency and joy that I hope to see you all in Italy in 2016. To be able to share with you the traditions we wanted to marry to innovation. Hoping you too can be the protagonists of the movie that we are writing a collegial greeting. Registrars Report Argirios Pissiotis On 13th July 1955 during the meeting of the American Dental Society of Europe ADSE held in Amsterdam Philip Dear an Australian dentist trained in the United States and practicing in Lausanne Switzerland began to plan the formation of an autonomous European Section with the invitation to Amsterdam of 16 Fellows at a specially arranged luncheon. By 2015 the European Section had grown numbering 536 Active Fellows 50 Life Members 9 Masters and 4 Honorary Fellows with 14 Districts representing 37 countries. Board of Regents The Board of Regents met two times in 2015 once in London in June and once during the Sections annual anniversary meeting held in Dublin on the 8th of October. The Board discussed and made decisions for all the regular administrative business. The major issue for the European Section remains again the pursuit of growth and development of the Section. It was decided that this should start in the Districts and local meetings should be organized in order to make the ICD and its activities known to the local dental community. The possibility of providing a forum for young scientists to present their work in the form of poster presentations with an award is currently being explored. The Section A Dream Comes True Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 4 0