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Section Reports SOUTH AME RICA District obtained the Legal Entity of the ICD Chilean District a process that took several years. A conference titled The 2010 Earthquake in Chile The Health System and the International Cooperation Response was presented by Dr. Elizabeth Lopez. In July the District organized a successful course with high attendance presented by Fellow Milton Ramos Miranda. A conference conducted by Prof. Dr. Jorge Marn was held called Complete Rehabilitation of the Senior Citizen Patient. In addition the Chilean District is on Facebook and the identity card of the District has been distributed. Peru District In a ceremony held on November 12 2014 a Fellow and past president of the Peru District Dr. Sergio Alvarado received the Hiplito Unanue Award for best research on health sciences in odontology. During this year Fellows Gilberto Henostroza and Wilson Delgado received recognitions for their outstanding work. Fellow Hugo Aguayo represented Peru in the XX International Congress of Maxillofacial Radiology in Chile. Life- long Fellow David Loza presented his eighth published book which focuses on dental occlusion. Fellow Eduardo Morzan participated as a speaker at the Advanced International OSAS Symposium held in Germany. Regarding the District activities the Social Projection Program has continued together with the San Isidro Rotary where prevention promotion and attention activities take place in different specializations the population requires. Argentina District The Board of Directors for the Argentina District is as follows President Silvia Kahn Past-President Rafael Gutierrez Secretary Paula Klas Treasurer Axel Endruhn and Editor Carlos Maria Bruno. In March 2015 an agreement was signed with the Argentinean Odontology Association AOA that will allow ICD Fellows to have access to the same advantages of the AOA partners. Social Projects were carried out in order to get the oral education closer to the community in four institutions located in deprived areas. Regents Reunion The 2015 South American Regents Reunion took place in Santiago Chile October 22-24 with participating representatives from Peru Uruguay Brazil Argentina and Chile. Paraguay was absent and there was no word from the Colombians. Dr. David Mock a Canadian Fellow was invited as well. Councilor Christian Rochefort presented the result of topics discussed at the 2015 International Council Meeting in Ireland. Within that context the request of the Fourth Section was accepted. This request consisted of not establishing a diaspora for the Colombian colleagues who live and work out of Colombia but to belong to the ICD Districts where they have residency. The Colombian District has to be formed by colleagues who live have their professional work permit and work in Colombia. Additionally the Council agreed on awarding Master fellowship to Brazilian Fellow Pericles Correa de Freitas for his contribution to the development of ICD in the region. The entire reunion was surrounded by a friendly fraternal atmosphere and ended in a day trip to the seaside cities of Valparaiso and Via del Mar. The South American Regents Reunion 2016 will take place in June in Sao Paulo Brasil. Lastly we would like to rejuvenate Section IV and take it to the current standard of the worldwide ICD. SECTION IV LEADERS at the Regents Meeting in Chile in October 2 . LR back Claudio Mendez Treasurer Gustavo Cortez Milton Ramos General Secretary Alvaro Gadola Bergara Intl Councilor Paula Klas Mauricio Rosenberg LR front Walter Marrou Past President Elena Kavaliauskis District Uruguay Roberto valos President Silvia Kahn and Beatriz Casnatti. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 9