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President Roberto Avalos 2016 Officers President Roberto Avalos Past President Walter Marrou General Secretary Milton Ramos Treasurer Claudio Mendez Editor Danilo Ocaranza Editor Danilo Ocaranza Presidents Greetings Reported by Christian Rochefort Q. International Councilor Section IV officers and the Board of Directors elected for the period of 2016-2017 are defined as follows President Roberto Avalos Chile Secretary Milton Ramos Chile Treasurer Claudio Mendez Chile and Councilor Alvaro Gadola Bergara Uruguay. Brazil District The goal of this District is to be present throughout the vast country by the exchange of colleagues together with the planning of activities. During 2015 Brazil chose five prestigious odontologists to become part of the ICD. Unfortunately the difficult economic situation that this country is undergoing did not give the chance to organize the Investiture Ceremony. Due to the same reason 13 Fellows set themselves apart from the ICD in 2015 as the purchasing power in Brazil does not go along with the American dollar variation. Brazil currently has 42 active Fellows. The new Board of Directors which starts working in January 2016 was elected as follows President Halbert Villalba General Secretary Fabio Monteiro and Treasurer Ricardo Salgado. The prevention program continued as well as the diagnosis and treatment of patients who suffer from chronic kidney failure and transplant patients. Doctors Elcio Magdalena Giovani and Rosimery Batista Martins were in charge of the weekly medical attention of the patients. An Oral Pathology Program was created to investigate anomalies in the oral mucous membrane. It took place in the Lar Vicente de Paula in Soracaba and 58 patients were examined. A dental compressor was donated to the Children School Educandrio Santo Agostinho in Soracaba to improve the dental condition of children between 4 months to 6 years old. A new project was implemented in Creche Maria Claro in Sorocaba treating more than 120 children who suffer from multiple syndromes and brain paralysis. Uruguay District The Uruguayan District elected their new president for 2016 Dr. Beatriz Casnatti. During 2015 Plenary Reunions were held in July and September. In addition Academic Sessions took place with Professor Dr. Iliana Algazi. The District has two projects Alvarez Caldeyro Barcia Project which is a campaign called Campaa del Abrigo and consists of giving blankets to premature babies and their mothers in the Pereira Rossell Children Hospital and the Implant Mucous Supported Prosthesis in Universidad Catlica del Uruguay project which is in the implementation process. In addition the District awarded Drs. Graciela Gonzalez and Ins Caviglia the National Award on Odontology Research 2015 Professor Doctor Maria Ins Navarra. Chile District For this District the Board of Directors was elected for the 2016-2017 as follows President Mauricio Rosenberg Secretary Andrea Pizarro Treasurer Claudio Mendez Pro-Secretary Christian Rochefort Past-President Roberto Avalos and Historian Paola Carvajal. In March an administrative meeting was held to set the goals for 2015. The Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 8 Section IV SOUTH AME RICA