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TRADITION CONTINUES South Zone Regent Dr. Rolando Peniche with group of teachers dentists and students of Universidad Anhuac Mayab who performed the Communitary Dental Brigades services in Yucatn and Quintana Roo. Among the people benefited were poor and elderly adults pregnant women and children who have undergone prompt detection and removal of decay and have been taught the correct technique of tooth brushing. Pacific Regency In November a golf tournament was held at Tres Vidas en la Playa Golf Course at Acapulco a beautiful Mexican resort. The tournaments name was ICD Open and all the Fellows who played this event enjoyed it very much while growing their friendships. Mexico City In Mxico City members of the Board and Past President Coln have been working with the Foundation Fundacin Dibujando un Maana which helps very poor children who live in terrible conditions at the garbage dumps of the city. Five visits to the Community Center of Chimalhuacn Estado de Mxico have been made by these Fellows. The first three visits were used to obtain all the materials needed for a dental clinic. In the next two visits dental treatments were performed on 40 patients on each occasion. The foundation is providing the dental materials that have been requested. The Fellows and colleagues who have participated include Drs. Patricia Coln Joaqun Gonzlez Campdera Alfonso Gonzlez Campdera Miguel Snchez Aedo Hctor Cabaas Rodolfo Sariana and Miguel Coln. Also Drs. Alfonso Gonzlez Campdera Miguel Snchez Aedo and Guadalupe Gmez Benet have been performing free dental services for homeless children at Casa Hogar Cenculo de Guadalupe and 45 children have been treated dentally and preventatively. Dr. Hctor Luis Cabaas reports a new project called Brigade of Dental Care for Children in Chimalhuacn by the Mexico ICD. This project started in 2014 with the Dibujando un Maana Foundation and has built a strong bond between the foundation and Mexico ICD. Fellows who have been involved from the beginning are Drs. Marcela Barragn Elis Snchez Miguel ngel Coln Alfonso Gonzlez Joaqun Gonzlez Miguel Snchez Aedo Jos Carlos Surez and Hctor L. Cabaas. We hope that more members will add to this noble cause that enhances our College position at a national and international level reaffirming the goal of having the opportunity to serve. The frequency of dental services performed by our Section in this place is one visit every three months. We expect to increase this amount through 2016 given the successful clinic results that have been accomplished in this community. To date 200 children have benefited from this project which features the making of clinical records diagnostic procedures treatment planning and treatment performance. General Assembly On November 13 we had our Bi-annual General Assembly and Business Meeting with the participation of 40 Fellows and directives who enjoyed the visit of College President Dr. Phillip Dowell. Very important situations were discussed and agreed. Between the highlights it was agreed to name vice-regents from areas that need more development and the Mexico City Regency was formed naming Dr. Rolando Velasco as its first regent. All the Section III regents read their reports as well as the treasury report presented by Treasurer Miguel Snchez Aedo-Liero. College President Dowell also spoke about the importance of community service worldwide and business aspects of our College. Finally Dr. Miguel ngel Coln spoke of his two years as president and he was congratulated by everybody for his outstanding job. That same night our Induction Ceremony was held at Centro Asturiano of Mexico City with the participation of more than 200 persons. Dr. Ernesto Acua E. past president of both Mexico and the College was conferred Master fellowship and nine distinguished colleagues were inducted. Finally Dr. Miguel ngel Coln Lizalde passed the presidential symbols to Dr. Hctor Luis Cabaas who is now Section III President from 2015 to 2017. To end this magnificent day there was a celebration at Centro Asturiano and all Fellows families and friends enjoyed a tasteful dinner and danced until late hours. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 7 Section Reports MEXICO