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Section Reports MEXICO delivered to the Asilo de Ancianos Casa de las Rosas nursing home. The 2nd biannual dental meeting was held on June 5-6 2015. Fellow Dr. Alma Godnez actively participated. Several lecturers were Fellows Drs. Luis Pars Nestor Schejtman Federico Prez Dez past president ICD-M Jos Luis Castellanos Jos Martnez M. and Alma Godinez. Also dental companies helped the College with their patronage to make this meeting possible. Over 100 dental professionals plus 35 Fellows attended this meeting. It was an extraordinary event accomplishing the deliverance of an important educational objective for the professionals and students. Northwest Regency This regency has done community dental work as well as delivered donations for the nursing home Dr. Carlos Canseco in Mexicali Baja California. In July 26 sets of active ware as well as 200 toothbrushes and toothpastes for the entire population of this institution were gathered and donated. This material was facilitated through the help of Fellows like Dr. Javier Eugenio Venegas and Regent of the Northwest Regency Dr. Martha Julieta Prez. In January 2015 a donation of blankets toothbrushes and toothpastes was delivered to each of the 40 children of the orphan home Casa Hogar El Nio Felz in Mexicali BC. Finally the Northwest Regency obtained dental materials and medicinal supplies for the Dispensary Manos Unidas. North Central Regency In June with the donation of dental materials of COA Internacional 250 patients were treated in Guachochi in the Chihuahua Dessert. Also at the community center la Esperanza a total of 350 patients were treated by six Fellows dentists and physicians from the Rotary Club of Ciudad Juarez teachers and students and members from dental associations. All the patients received antibiotics medications toothbrushes and toothpastes. Fellows who worked on this service were Drs. Elis Yamile Snchez Abdeljalek Alfonso Gonzlez Campder Miguel ngel Colin Lizalde President ICD-M Javier Alonso Ramirez Numa Escobar Soto and Ruben Escobar Prieto. Two electrical power plants donated by ICD-M were used for the first time. They were bought with the product of the first dental seminar that was held two years ago in Ciudad Juarez and now will help our Section to do community dental service projects in rural zones. Five visits with important donations of medical products were made to the medical dispensary San Francisco de Asis. This institution takes care of medically treating very poor people. Personally Dr. Sifuentes has taken the chore of getting donations from medical laboratories to our College in order to help this dispensary. On May 6 -9 2015 dental services were performed free of charge at the Nuestra Seora de la Esperanza in Cd. Jurez Chih and 540 patients were treated. South Regency At the end of 2014 Fellows from the South Regency dental and medical students and teachers from Universidad Anhuac Mayab from Mrida Yucatn and government institution professionals from Chetumal held their traditional community service Brigadas Odontolgicas. Nine hundred patients were diagnosed and most of them were treated for urgent dental needs from mobile dental units visiting rural sites of Bacalar State of Quintana Roo. In July 2015 the 3rd Community Oral Health Campaign was held in order to bring dental care to more than 2000 people inside Yucatan Rio Lagartos. It was organized by the Anahuac Mayab University School of Dentistry with participation of the ICD the Social Foundation Luis Siquer from Spain and the State Health Services of Yucatan SSY. With the joint participation led by the Southeast Regency dental care was given to the rural communities of Mococh Conkal Dzidzantn Chumayel Tekax Chankom and Cuyo. WELCOMING OUR NEW FELLOWS Section III Ofcers ICD President Dowell and inductees at the Mexico Convocation on ov. 3 2 . Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 6