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Editor Federico Prez Dez Section III MEXICO Presidents Greeting Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca It is a great honor for me to have been elected as President of Section Mexico. It is of great commitment to face important challenges and to generate benefits and constructive ideas and make important changes when considered necessary. To be part of our College is a synonym of excellence leadership and professional status. This can be handled responsibly when being a part of a regency committee or directive board of the different dental associations or professional groups throughout the world. With this we will make our College a stronger and more influential institution that can mark a positive difference on the development of the dental profession within the communities we serve and within its scientific development. We must be sensitive to the technological scientific and communication changes that have occurred recently. And we must read understand and apply them for the benefit of our College in order to maintain our leading position in our profession. I want to make clear to all ICD Fellows from Mexico and internationally as well as to our future Fellows that becoming an ICD Fellow is not a simple act of belonging to a dental group it is not only a medal or a prize within our professional trajectories. The obligation of an ICD Fellow is by far more important because being a Fellow of the International College of Dentists is a real honor and a particular way of being and this is what marks an enormous difference from others without this commitment. Finally on behalf of myself and the members from our Mexico Section we would like to send our best wishes for this 2016 to all our Fellows around the world as well as to our College President Dr. Phillip Dowell and the International Council of our College. Honoring a Memory It is important to start this years report with a very deep feeling of sadness and respect for the loss of one of our Masters Dr. Abraham Chisikovski Perkins. He passed away this October after being one of the pillars of our College for many years we will always remember him as a very warm and gentle person. As a great teacher and family man our Section was honored to have him as an active Fellow. The Distinguished Member Award now carries his name and will keep honoring our most distinguished Fellows after him. We had the painful loss of another distinguished Fellow who died prematurely in December. She was Dr. Martha Julieta Prez Villanueva a very active Regent of the Northwest Regency and she did an outstanding job helping the most needy persons in Baja California. She was a very recognized professional and wonderful human being. May they both rest in peace. Central Regency Under the initiative of Fellow Dr. Jesus Mario Herrera R. there was a business meeting during the celebration of the Colegio de Odontlogos de Celaya Dental Meeting on October 25 2014. At this ICD reunion several aspects were addressed and the Central Regency Regent Dr. Roberto Wuotto received all the suggestions for future activities. On November 11 a donation of toothbrushes toothpastes preventive dental instructions and basic foods were Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 5 President Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca 2016 Officers President Hctor Luis Cabaas Garca President Elect Jos ngel Sifuentes S. Vice President Joaqun Campdera Past President Miguel . Coln Lizalde Registrar Elis Yamile Snchez A. Treasurer Miguel Snchez Aedo Editor Federico Prez Dez