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in District 2. Many thanks personally and on behalf of ICD to Randall Croutze for encouraging dialogue and building consensus as president in a very successful year for Section II. This past years success has meant many hours of extra work for Registrar Bob Baker. Many thanks to Bob for managing this additional work load flawlessly and gracefully. Treasurer Allan Baker shared in the increased work load around a much larger class of inductees but also found time to clarify our relationship with the Canada Revenue Agency as well leading to a very reassuring conclusion. Thank you Allan. Finally Brian Clark deserves congratulations for organizing the high quality content and appealing look of the newsletter as well as managing the ever evolving and increasingly effective ICD website. Thank you. I am looking forward to the next fiscal year working with all the kind and interesting Fellows in Section II. The next convocation is scheduled for May 27-28 2016 in Jasper Alberta. Journal of the International College of Dentists THE GLOBE 2016 3 4 Section Reports CANADA Registrars Report Bob Baker into the ICD at the Annual Meeting and Convocation of the Canadian Section May 27-28 2016 at the Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper Alberta. The donations received by the W. J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation in 2014 totaled 33896 and were used to provide a total of 26300 for five projects Dr. T. Harle Portable Ottawa Dental Service - 1000 Dr. A. Kim Cross Church - 5000 Dr. J. Cottrell Speroway - 10000 Dr. J. Kalbfleisch Health Outreach - 3800 Dr. K. Stones Semiahmoo- 6500. Once again the Board approved the granting of 10 student awards of 1000 each plus a plaqued certificate to each award winner in the 10 Faculties of Dentistry in Canada. LR Fellows David Larsen Ken Stones Les Ennis on the Semiahmoo Mission to Iquitos Peru. President Croutze presents the Presidential Citation to Fellow Gordon Thompson a past president of the Canadian Section. to the Executive that we have a double class of candidates for our meeting in St. Johns. The Executive agreed and as a result the Board of Regents approved 86 proposals for invitation to induction into the International College of Dentists at the Annual Meeting and Convocation of the Canadian Section August 27- 28 2015 in St. Johns Newfoundland. Twenty-three of the proposed candidates requested and were granted deferrals to 2016 and therefore 63 new Fellows convocated in St. Johns. The Credentials Committee utilized a conference call and an e-mail Opinion Poll in order to deal effectively with the large number of proposals without decreasing the quality of process. The Board also granted 21 Life fellowships. The Board of Regents has approved 50 proposals for invitation to induction The highlights of 2015 from a Registrars perspective included a significant increase in membership in Section II and substantial improvements in our website Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our website manager Brian Clark webmaster Phong Van Ha long time website committee member Garry Lunn and Treasurer Allan Baker we now have a website where proposals for fellowship and applications for funding by the W. J. Spence ICD Memorial Foundation can be completed online. The lack of growth in our active membership and the 18 months between our 2014 meeting and our 2015 meeting prompted the Strategic Planning Committee to recommend